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donderdag 29 november 2018

Coalitie eens over bijlage bij migratiepact Marrakesh en meer

'Ik hoop dat Derksen wat leert van #SorryJohan' NAVO wijst verzoek Oekraïne om NAVO-schepen in Zee van Azov af
Coalitie eens over bijlage bij migratiepact Marrakesh
'Ik hoop dat Derksen wat leert van #SorryJohan'
Met #SorryJohan wordt Johan Derksen erop gewezen dat hij te lichtzinnig denkt over uit de kast komen. "Zijn kijkers zijn dezelfden die grappen maken in de kleedkamer."
NAVO wijst verzoek Oekraïne om NAVO-schepen in Zee van Azov af
Bondskanselier Merkel wil president Poetin bij de G20 in Argentinië aanspreken op het in beslag nemen van de drie Oekraïense marineschepen.
Dolfijn in rivier Dublin: 'ongebruikelijk, maar geen zorgen'
Tot de verbazing van veel Ieren zwom het dier in de rivier Liffey, midden in de Ierse hoofdstad.
Unilever-topman Polman stopt, Brit volgt hem op
Paul Polman was sinds 2009 ceo van Unilever. Hij wordt opgevolgd door de Schot Alan Jope.
Harbers: bed-bad-broodopvang niet vrijblijvend
De staatssecretaris sloot vandaag een akkoord met de gemeenten over een sobere opvang van uitgeprocedeerde asielzoekers.
Ophef in China: 258 valsspelers bij halve marathon Shenzhen
De enorme groei van amateur- en plezierlopers in China zorgt ervoor dat het steeds moeilijker wordt om tot een serieuze wedstrijd te komen.
Oostenrijker deelt beelden van beklimming 7000 meter hoge berg in Nepal
David Lama was in oktober de eerste die de top bereikte van de Lunag Ri in Nepal. De beelden zijn van zijn digitale camera en een drone.
Moeder en baby gedood door grizzlybeer in Canada
De vader werd door het dier aangevallen bij hun huisje in de wildernis. Toen hij thuiskwam, bleken zijn vrouw en dochter gedood.
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La nouvelle édition du journal Homosexualité, le Journal vient de sortir de presse! Edition du 29 novembre 2018

Homosexualitéle Journal

jeudi, nov.. 29, 2018
Reactup | VIH / SIDA, c'est quoi ?
www­.reactup­.fr - Partagé par Act Up-Paris
thumbnailLe Virus de l’Immunodéficience Humaine (VIH)
 est responsable du Syndrome d’Immuno
Déficience Acquise (SIDA).
C’est une pathologie mortelle qui attaque
le système immunitaire entraînant, après
une péri…
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Anarchic update news all over the world - 29.11.2018

Today's Topics:


1.  France, Alternative Libertaire AL #288 - Letter from a
      reader: Freinet and radical pedagogies (fr, it, pt)[machine
      translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

2.  alas barricadas: Brussels is founded an international
      federation of delivery food delivery service with presence in 12
      countries (ca, it) [machine translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

3.  Britain, brighton solfed: The arrogance continues, and so
      does our fight! (Youngs dispute update) (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)


      - WEDNESDAY 28 NOVEMBER by dirty horse APO 

      [machine translation]

5.  France, Alternative Libertaire AL Nantes - Nantes: an
      aperitif debate on struggles in the hospital sector (fr, it,
      pt)[machine translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)


      THE WORLD by
      Brazilian Anarchist Coordination (pt) [machine translation]

7.  Britain, SOLIDARITY FEDERATION: Unsecure Lettings


Message: 1

Following the article " Network Radical pedagogies: that flourish a hundred collectives " 
in Alternative libertarian October, a reader wanted to react. The monthly Alternative 
Libertarian publishes articles that reflect the orientations of AL, but it is also 
enriched sometimes with other points of view and analyzes, if they do not seem 
antagonistic. It is therefore fair that some articles are debating. ---- Radical 
pedagogies want to raise awareness about social inequalities and discrimination (classism, 
sexism, racism, handiphobia, LGBTQIphobies ...). Refusing to reproduce the oppressions 
should be at the heart of the reflection of all pedagogues. We see so many who do not 
apply in class what they preach in meetings at night ...
But I did not understand, in the article of AL of October, where are anchored the " 
collectives " evoked and on what common bases they could be found. It is not enough to 
make a website to pool resources that one claims to adhere to, without mentioning the 
actual practice on the ground.

? Network " Radical Pedagogies ": what a hundred collectives , AL of October bloom

To my great surprise, the " radical pedagogies " do not seem to include the Freinet 
movement, which for a century has been working on anti-racism, feminism and equality. This 
movement is organized around a clear political text - " Perspectives for a Popular 
Education " - within the International Federation of Modern School Movements (Fimem) and, 
in France, the Cooperative Institute of the School. modern (Icem). It groups practitioners 
who dare, in a revolutionary way, to say that they are their own educationalists. The 
image of the blacksmith who forges his own tools is the expression of this thought which 
ignores the break between the manual and the intellectual.

If it were necessary to create a new movement and one that already exists, it would be 
necessary to begin by explaining the meaning of this rupture: what could one neither find 
nor build within the Fimem ?

Looking at the website of Iresmo, an institute that promotes this radical pedagogy 
network, I have not found an answer ; it seems to be more of a university movement than a 
practitioner organization.

Reading Paulo Freire's texts is extremely interesting, but that is not enough to read 
texts from Freinet. We must act together, we must confront these texts to the reality of 
groups of children, adolescents, in classrooms, centers and neighborhoods. This is where 
we will eventually see real political disagreements. Freinet, for example, refused to work 
with Montessori because he was a layman and communist, while she was a believer and 
collaborated with Mussolini. On the other hand, where are the differences between Paulo 
Freire's disciples and Icem ? Like Freinet, I always fear people who " talk about " 
instead of " acting with ". We can not build a network of practitioners without first 
doing it with those who think every day about children to real emancipatory practices.

Véronique Decker (93), Icem activist



Message: 2

At the initiative of AlterSummit and Transnational Social Strike, an important meeting of 
31 different collectives and unions took place. A hundred dealers met at an international 
congress on October 25 and 26, 2018 in Brussels. Coming from France, Italy, Finland, 
Spain, United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, 
Switzerland and Belgium for two days they put together ideas, tactics, strategies and 
lessons from their local struggles and founded the Transnational Courier Federation. ---- 
An IWW Couriers Network member who attended the event explains the scope of the groups 
involved and the general mood: ---- Map detailing all the organizations across Europe that 
attend the summit ---- It was very well organized, with simultaneous translation into 
English, French, Spanish and German. The vast majority of the dealer groups present were 
self-organized collectives, independent of unions. Trade union centers (such as IWW) were 
also present. In particular: Deliverunion (associated with FAU of Germany) and Syndicom. 
Germans and Austrians are associated with larger unions, as are Norwegian dealers. The 
debate was developed horizontally and was very affable. Taking into account that it was 
taking place in 4 languages simultaneously, the meeting was very effective to share common 

The Valencian Intersindical , for its part, explains that:

We have been one of the 19 unions that have participated. Trade unions have been present 
such as: LAB (Euskal Herria), CIG (Galiza), CGT (France), SUD SOLIDAIRES (France), FGTB 
(Belgium), FNV (Holland) or UNIA (Switzerland). There have also been groups of delivery 
people from Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Germany, France, England, Belgium, 
Italy, Finland and the Spanish state. Among the groups of dealers there was a 
representation of Riders x Rights of Valencia and Barcelona.

The sessions lasted two days and focused at first on the presentation of the respective 
struggles and tactics employed by the delivery people and their unions in each country. 
Later on, they shared common issues and demands across borders and addressed the 
possibility of create transnational support structures to help delivery people organize 
themselves in their respective countries. After the discussion sessions on these issues, 
the whole assembly met again to vote for the creation of an international group that 
promotes the organization of distributors around the world, organized through the 
following structure:

An international federation of distributors and unions.
The membership would be open to collectives and unions that are run by the distributors 
themselves and can prove the base organization of delivery drivers. Individual 
distributors can have observer status if they do not wish to join a collective or official 
The exact weight of the vote will be determined at future meetings.
It was decided to call the federation, the TRANSNATIONAL FEDERATION OF COURIERS (TFC) to 
emphasize the global nature of the struggle.
All the organizations present must be founding members.

The details of how the Federation will be managed on a day-to-day basis, as well as its 
statutes and ethics (which future organizations that wish to join should comply) were left 
for future discussions, but to close a series of key demands was agreed upon for all those 
present that member organizations would seek from their employers:

Freedom of association.
Fair definition of time dedicated to work.
Security in employment.
Greater transparency of data and applications.
Common spaces for delivery people.
After the closing of the summit, a massive race of more than 1000 delivery people was held 
in the city of Brussels, an excellent way to show the collective power of the delivery 
people all over the world!

First state assembly of Riders x Rights in Madrid

In addition, this weekend is taking place the first state assembly of Riders x Rights ( 
twitter , facebook ), participant in the international meeting in Brussels. This group not 
only promotes the organization in the work centers, but also the creation of cooperatives 
by the distributors - in their case it is called Mensakas. According to the Ciclosfera 

"We seek to make visible the state of labor precarization of the distributors within the 
big platforms, but we also want to find forces and initiatives that sow a more hopeful 
path for the sector, and subsequently; Alternatives to "collaborative economies" (that of 
collaborative, have nothing), "said the statement.

Participating in the activity are the Pájara Ciclomensajería (Madrid),  Cleta (Madrid), 
CoopCycle (Paris), Mensakas (Barcelona) and  Riders x Derechos (Valencia / Barcelona). "We 
do not believe that we are doing anything new: these relations of labor subordination and 
exploitation have always existed, but we know that the organization is the basis for 
regulating and guaranteeing decent work for all," the organizers add. "Labor rights and 
guarantees did not come alone, and it is our responsibility to defend them and guarantee a 
responsible, ecological and sustainable labor framework," they say.

The open activities that will take place during the weekend will be the following:

Sunday 25

18h: Open Assembly of Riders x Rights (CS La Ingobernable: Calle Gobernador 39, Metro Atocha)

Monday 26

09.30h - Bicifestation. Output: Cibeles. Route: Offices of Deliveroo and Glovo to finish 
in Tribunal (Malasaña).

12h - Press Conference - Tribunal (Malasaña)

6pm - Open Forum 'Can technology be democratized within the framework of the "gig 
economy"?' (Energy Sea: Calle de Toledo 108 - Puerta de Toledo Metro).

In this last meeting will be explained, as the organization explains, "cases of local 
initiatives and cooperation projects in larger networks, reasoning about the possibilities 
and limits of large platforms and small innovative cooperative projects that are born as a 
result of the self-determination of the distributors ".



Message: 3

We have been slightly under the radar lately with our dispute against Youngs Estate 
Agents. However, this does not mean we haven't been very busy with it over the past few 
months, as we have kept working with Patrick in a number of ways. Here is an update on the 
current situation. ---- People might remember that we have been supporting Patrick for 
over a year now, as he was demanding compensation for the longstanding dramatic state of 
dilapidation of his flat and for the repair work that his landlord's and Youngs' 
consistent negligence forced him to carry out by himself, as well as, and most important 
still, for the outstanding repair work to be completed swiftly and at an industry standard 
(more info here). In response to the campaign, both Patrick and other SolFed members have 
been violently harassed by Youngs and their associates (link 1, link 2), and Patrick has 
been served an eviction notice in January, which was successfully rejected in court. This 
has not discouraged the landlord, however, who has been completely unwilling to initiate 
any form of dialogue with Patrick or us and has served a second eviction order in August.

As a form of immediate and concrete solidarity, we have raised over £400 for Patrick via 
an online fundraiser (link 3 - thank you to everyone who donated), in order to help him 
cover legal expenses and potential costs of moving to a new home and everything that that 
might come with. Meanwhile, we have helped Patrick with requesting for an Environmental 
Health Inspection to be carried out by Brighton and Hove Council. Somewhat unsurprisingly, 
this has been far from a smooth process, given that we have had to chase the council 
several times before they eventually decided to do their job, after a number of empty 
promises. The inspection resulted in an Enforcement Notice being sent by the council to 
the landlord, instructing him to carry out the repair work. This acknowledges and 
vindicates the claim Patrick and ourselves have been making over the past year about the 
hazardous condition of the property. As per the notice, a schedule of the enforced work 
was supposed to be sent to Patrick by the 6th November. Yet, staying true to their 
attitude, both the landlord and Youngs are ignoring the notice, even pretending that this 
has not been issued at all. The landlord has instead served a new possession order, trying 
to force through the eviction while dodging his duties once again.

In response to yet another display of arrogance from this rogue landlord and his gang of 
bullies, Patrick is still determined to put up a fight, for which we will continue to 
support him however we can. Now as always, an injury to one is an injury to all!



Message: 4

against the sell-off of labor struggles by union bureaucracies ---- THE STRUGGLE ARMS OF 
THE WORKERS! ---- The history of social and class struggles shows us that the proletarians 
have nothing to expect from institutions, parliaments, elections, bureaucratic trade union 
leaderships and class struggle mediators who deal with bosses pleading for their alms. All 
they have to win will be the result of their widespread, organized, militant and radical 
struggles. Only the total overthrow of the state and capitalism, the social expropriation 
of the wealth that we ourselves produce and eradicate a caste of rulers, the organization 
from the bottom of the social and classical counterattack, the revolution for a new 
society of communality, solidarity, freedom can justify the cravings and real social needs 
of the oppressed and exploited of the whole world.



anarchist group "dignified horse" APO & comrades, comrades


Message: 5

For many months now, there are countless mobilizations, strikes and actions by hospital 
and clinic staff to warn about the deterioration of the conditions of care and struggle to 
defend their working conditions. ---- And you have to fight ! Because the "  health plan " 
announced by the government will only aggravate the situation: industrialization of the 
health system, lack of resources, under-strength ... Alternative Libertaire offers you a 
cocktail debate to better understand the situation in the hospital sectors. Our 
discussions will be nourished by the story of caregivers mobilized in Nantes clinics and 
at the University Hospital Center. These testimonies will allow us to discuss together the 
specificity of these struggles, but also to think of the links of solidarity between users 
and users of health services and caregivers.



Message: 6

"If they kill me, I will raise the arms of the tomb and I will be stronger" --
Minerva Mirabal ---- On this November 25, an international day of violence against women, 
we, the anarchist women of the organizations that build the Brazilian Anarchist 
Coordination, propose a reflection on the meaning of the date and invite everyone to join 
in the fight against violence chauvinists and patriarchs. ---- This date was established 
in honor of the sisters Minerva, Patrícia and Maria Teresa Mirabal, murdered on November 
25, 1960 by the secret police during the regime of the dictator Leonidas Trujillo. The 
Moths, as they were known, had a trajectory of militancy and resistance against the 
authoritarian regime. They had their vehicle intercepted, being murdered and thrown into a 
ravine, to make it appear that they had suffered an accident. Since 1981, this day has 
become a mark of the struggle of Latin American women against the violence that affects us.
Gender inequality is a historically constructed fact, present in most human societies, and 
no nation in the world gives women the same rights as men. Violence against women is one 
of the most serious violations of human rights, maintained through subjective, material 
and symbolic mechanisms that naturalize and justify it in multiple forms. Thus, gender 
inequality is one of the strongest and oldest elements of domination that structures the 
hierarchical order of our societies.

When we talk about violence against women, we want to reinforce that it refers to a set of 
practices inserted in our daily lives. From the physical exploitation of our productive 
and reproductive forces, on forms such as rape (present in prostitution, pornography, 
pedophilia, etc.), withdrawal of control of our own birth rate (abortion criminalized and 
illegal, lack of public health policies - etc.), unpaid domestic work or in precarious 
conditions, moral / sexual harassment in the workplace and / or study, deprivation of 
access to education and property, as well as psychological and / or physical torture . 
That is, everything that prevents us from being seen, understood, respected and accepted 
as human beings. In many parts of the world, from ancient times, women are excluded from 
the status of persons with a right to dignity. Today, in capitalist, patriarchal, racist 
and classist societies spreading across the globe, these forms of violence are maintained, 
up-to-date, and overrun by unjust laws imposed by conservative and neo-liberal governments 
- such as crimes called "passionals" they are more than Feminicides.

The patriarchy establishes a social code of honor that is masculine and is given through 
the control of women and the dispute with other men. This code is constructed, above all, 
based on an active (phallic) sexuality imposed on a supposed passivity of the woman, this 
binary game legitimizes the patterns of toxic and violent masculinities. It is the 
imposition of the subject on the object - the woman. The masculinizing logic imposes on us 
certain roles that must be socially interpreted, in which any deviation is under penalty 
of punishment. In this logic, men exercise disciplinary violence against women. Thus, the 
perpetrator of violence is never blamed: "He beat because she provoked, raped because of 
the clothes, because she went out on the street at the wrong time.", "Rape for her to 
learn to be a woman." Because we, women,

Rape, authorized by the aggressive eroticism of the Western male, is a perfect way to 
murder the feminine identity (s). No wonder it has been thought and used as a weapon of 
war for centuries. And today it remains a corrective and coercive strategy in the daily 
war that exists as women, racialized, lesbian, poor and in so many other places of 
vulnerability. When, at the end of 2017, the 18 men of a Special Commission of the Chamber 
of Deputies approved the text of PEC 181/2015 (which prevents the interruption of 
pregnancy even in cases of rape or risk of death for the mother), celebrated the maneuver 
which they held, celebrated another way of killing the female. They feel in the right to 
decide on our bodies, and to deny us our autonomy, our freedom of choice over our own 
organs. Religion, state and family try to uproot the agency of insertion in social 
relations and become merely bodies available. What happens is the attempt of a 
demonstration of superiority of forces (physical and political), with the intention of 
submitting to us. We must also mention that the women who suffer most from the 
criminalization of abortion are poor, black and peripheral women who have been denied 
access to public health, prevention and livelihood policies.

In the case of Latin America, as well as in other societies structured by the initial 
framework of the colonial rape of native women brought by the diaspora and by racism 
created by a regime of slavery that underlies global capitalism, we women, especially 
Black, Indigenous, Northeastern and we are facing a real war to survive. This cycle 
initiated in colonial exploration shows that the consequences of this violation were and 
continue to be the conception of new subjects likely to be enslaved and subjected. When 
men and the state (as a broad extension of patriarchal power) interfere with the 
self-management of our bodies, they are controlling labor for capitalist exploitation. Be 
it in the areas of demographic control and abortion, or in the exploitation of domestic 
and care work, unpaid.

Violence strikes us in the domestic space, at work, in the street, in school, in militancy 
and in so many other environments and situations. We face rape and sexual harassment from 
known, unknown, states. Our rights are not respected and we are increasingly following 
their withdrawals, conquered by so many years of sweat and blood. In many places we still 
do not have access to education, health, decent housing, water, light, we work harder and 
we receive less, we become mothers earlier and we almost always assume a child alone (by 
the abandonment of the companions many times before the child is born), we face the 
violence and the murder of our sons and daughters in the peripheries, we are heads of 
family and we lose sleep to plant, harvest and put food on the table, we do not get day 
care for our children, we are ridiculed and disrespected all the time, treated like 
objects in most TV advertisements, sexualizing our bodies to sell goods that do not even 
have anything to do with us. We face the violence of poverty that kills us of hunger, of 
dehumanizing misery, of the state that takes our territories, homes, belongings, and 
destroys our natural resources, we die in unsafe abortions, we die murdered for being 
women: 13 times a day in the Brazil (registration data since 2013). Not to mention the 
hate crimes committed against transgender and transvestite women in the world that kills 
LGBT more, s in the world, and that is growing more and more with the conservative and 
neo-Pentecostal wave now active in Brazil. treated as objects in most TV advertisements, 
sexualizing our bodies to sell goods that do not even have anything to do with us. We face 
the violence of poverty that kills us of hunger, of dehumanizing misery, of the state that 
takes our territories, homes, belongings, and destroys our natural resources, we die in 
unsafe abortions, we die murdered for being women: 13 times a day in the Brazil 
(registration data since 2013). Not to mention the hate crimes committed against 
transgender and transvestite women in the world that kills LGBT more, s in the world, and 
that is growing more and more with the conservative and neo-Pentecostal wave now active in 
Brazil. treated as objects in most TV advertisements, sexualizing our bodies to sell goods 
that do not even have anything to do with us. We face the violence of poverty that kills 
us of hunger, of dehumanizing misery, of the state that takes our territories, homes, 
belongings, and destroys our natural resources, we die in unsafe abortions, we die 
murdered for being women: 13 times a day in the Brazil (registration data since 2013). Not 
to mention the hate crimes committed against transgender and transvestite women in the 
world that kills LGBT more, s in the world, and that is growing more and more with the 
conservative and neo-Pentecostal wave now active in Brazil. of the misery that dehumanizes 
us, of the state that takes our territories, houses, belongings, and destroys our natural 
resources, we die in unsafe abortions, we die murdered for being women: 13 times a day in 
Brazil. Not to mention the hate crimes committed against transgender and transvestite 
women in the world that kills LGBT more, s in the world, and that is growing more and more 
with the conservative and neo-Pentecostal wave now active in Brazil. of the misery that 
dehumanizes us, of the state that takes our territories, houses, belongings, and destroys 
our natural resources, we die in unsafe abortions, we die murdered for being women: 13 
times a day in Brazil. Not to mention the hate crimes committed against transgender and 
transvestite women in the world that kills LGBT more, s in the world, and that is growing 
more and more with the conservative and neo-Pentecostal wave now active in Brazil.

Within this conjuncture of reconfiguration of financial capitalism, fiscal adjustment and 
police states, the farce of bourgeois democracy will increasingly represent a violent 
enemy of our rights. Our bodies have always been territories of disputes, negotiations and 
booty of wars. There are many examples of how violence reaps the lives of our own. We do 
not forget the body of Claudia Silva Ferreira, black woman, peripheral and mother, dragged 
by police on the asphalt for 350 meters. We do not forget Luana Barbosa Santos, black 
woman, peripheral, lesbian and mother, beaten and killed by the police mainly for not 
performing femininity. We have not forgotten Marielle Franco, a black woman, a lesbian, a 
leader, the victim of an overt political assassination. We do not forget the dead stabbed 
transvestite by four men who shouted for 'Bolsonaro', who like so many other transvestites 
and transsexuals does not have a name in the reports. We do not forget so many indigenous 
women, expelled from their lands and dead, by violence that is physical, psychological and 

The election of Jair Bolsonaro is yet another event within the phenomenon of the 
organization of an extreme right, of a neoliberal and fascist revival that represents, in 
Brazil, in Latin America and in the world, the updating and improvement of organized 
violence inside and outside the milestones institutions. Having us women as one of the 
main targets. We have against us attacks from conservative sectors, senates and 
congresses, religious groups, men from our intimate, public and political circles. The 
symbolic gear of patriarchy controls bodies (and their relation to sexual and reproductive 
rights) through the state, which in turn is controlled by capital. Our struggle, 
therefore, is fundamentally anti-sexist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist and anti-state. The 
patriarchal state is our enemy,

It is necessary to involve the entire society in overcoming this violent culture. It is 
necessary to recognize and pay attention to the institutional forms of violence 
perpetrated by the State. We have every reason to keep fighting. As we write, news comes 
from more and more women murdered for being women. That is why we anarchists believe that 
fighting these mechanisms of domination and extermination of our existences must be built 
through struggles, organized and engaged in social transformation. By the political, 
economic and moral recognition of our humanity, by the end of the commodification of our 
bodies and forces, by the end of the humiliations and symbolic violations. Without ever 
losing sight of how close our battles are. Building a strong people is building strong women!

For all those who are not. In memory of all the fighters. Underneath, underneath, we 
continue to be and build resistance.



Message: 7

Liverpool housing housing dispute Letting agency anarcho-syndicalism direct action 
casework ---- Landlords and letting agencies continue to exploit the vulnerable and 
transient nature the current housing sector forces tenants to live in. In the beginning of 
2017, three prospective tenants attended a viewing of a house in Wavertree managed by 
Secure Lettings. The tenants were assured and convinced by a member of staff that the 
visible damp problems were a result of the house being empty for a while. "Just leave the 
windows open often enough and it will sort itself out". The house wasn't perfect, not even 
ideal, but the tenants decided to trust the agency and begin living there.
A couple of months passed and the damp turned to mold. Mould spores began to affect one of 
the asthmatic tenants, disrupting sleeping patterns and causing fatigue throughout the 
day. After constant reminders from the tenants and a failure to respond quickly and 
properly to these concerns, a damp course was carried out two and a half months later. 
This had no effect as it wasn't rising damp and the mould persisted throughout the 18 
month tenancy.

Around the winter holiday period two leaks sprung simultaneously and water began to enter 
into the house. The agency were made aware of this and they expressed their frustration 
towards the tenants for persisting with their communications and conveying the detrimental 
effect their living situation was having on their physical and mental health, which later 
warranted diagnosis from doctors.

Tenants were soon informed that the house was being sold, but were reassured that the 
landlord wished to sell to an investor who would keep the tenants in the property. 
Unsurprisingly this didn't hold true. Tenants were forced to live through a humiliating 
and invasive period of strangers walking through their house and personal spaces, deciding 
which walls they would knock down if they bought the property. The tenants were notified 
of a sale and were handed an eviction notice. In an inspection on the last day of the 
tenancy, staff at Secure Lettings acted in a physically threatening manner towards the 
tenants before marching them out of their own home after they had expressed their 
dissatisfaction with the management of the property.

Despite the house being left in a better condition than it was found, the landlord and 
agency saw fit to deduct a third of the deposit laid down on the property. Tenants 
notified Solidarity Federation of the situation and with our support fought to retrieve 
their stolen deposit and gain compensation for the treatment they endured.

In a society and age that is defined by zero hours contracts, poor working conditions, 
unsecure living situations, mounting agency fees and poor housing standards, never has it 
been so important to challenge the position employers and landlords place themselves in. 
They maintain a facade of power and control. When the facts are laid out, it is clear that 
this is just a facade. When workers and tenants stand in solidarity, they cower at our 
potential. When we demand to be treated with respect and dignity, they fear us. This case 
is a testament to that fact.

If you have found yourself battling with irresponsible landlords or letting agencies, join 
the solidarity network. Join the Solidarity Federation.