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maandag 29 februari 2016

Calais Update on evictions actors // Quelques collaborateurs des expulsions‏,

New post on Calais Migrant Solidarity

Update on evictions actors // Quelques collaborateurs des expulsions

by consensusdecisionmaking
Today, the police, who we already know are border guard dogs, were working hard to tear down people living in the Jungle. They were not alone and what they want to achieve would have been possible without the collaboration of a so called "humanitarian" organization and the demolition company. Here are those who are now […]
consensusdecisionmaking | February 29, 2016 at 4:22 pm | Categories: News | URL:http://wp.me/pzTtq-2GV


New post on Calais Migrant Solidarity


by consensusdecisionmaking
Today the French government began its threatened eviction of 3,500 people living in the south half of the Calais Jungle. They came in hard with 50 vans of CRS riot police, water cannon and tear gas, followed by a demolition crew with crowbars and bulldozers. By the end of the day, just a small part […]
consensusdecisionmaking | February 29, 2016 at 9:52 pm | Categories: News | URL:http://wp.me/pzTtq-2HQ

#BREAKING #NEWS Greece Eidomeni: migrants destroy fence - police uses teargas‏



Where is the  solidarity  ... Where are the anarchists, no border and numerous other activists? They people need help. Now!  Not later ... when it is too late ..? Wake up and go to there ... Open the borders  NOW!

Luc Schrijvers
Human Rights activist

#BREAKING #NEWS Call for a demonstration against the border between Italy and Austria‏

Hi everybody,
in Italy we're building this initiative against Austria intention to close the border with Italy and establish a barbed-wire fence between the 2 countries. The call is collecting signatures and you're welcome to sign up as well
In solidarity against borders
cs TPO, Bologna

Let's disobey against borders to build a welcoming Europe!
Women and men, children and elders have been trying to reach Europe for months and months to find a future away from wars and hunger. In Aegean islands, in Italy as in Austria, in the Balkans as in Germany, everywhere along boundaries and in cities, European citizens are getting organised to express solidarity and support toward those who face most dangerous and expensive routes to reach a fair life.
With their politics of exclusion, Governments of European countries are driving us toward a dangerous drift, that of indifference, selfishness, inhumanity risking the project of a free and open Europe.
Not only they want us emotionless to lost minors, to women aim of unspeakable violences, to the deaths in the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea, bus also they want us to be their allies in policies that stop and make people guilty when they refuse a destiny of misery for them and their families.
The Austrian Government has announced the reactivation of controls and and fences at the border with Italy, to reject migrants and to make of southern Europe a greater detention center.
Sweden and Netherlands have announced mass deportation for migrants denied of asylum, forgetting that this practice has been introduced in the darkest years of Europe history.
The Danish Government have passed a law to steal refugees’ little possessions, proposing the same possibility for all Danish citizens with low incomes.
This is not the Europe we want!
Around migration and welcome policies is played a bigger challenge concerning the future of Europe in which we live. The Hotpot system punishes hundred thousands of people to being illegal by denying in advance the right to ask for international protection in Europe, while Greece is threatened of being expelled from the EU. More and more States are trying to interrupt Schengen Agreements for EU citizens as well, while welfare facilities are being cancelled everywhere, linked to income or to job positions. Barriers to our rights, administrative frontiers to restrict in illegality are rising up. These politics are deeply unfair as well as illegitimate and damaging for the living together and for the future of our society
This is not our Europe!
Today we believe it’s the moment to make the voices of everyone who refuse walls and barded wire heard, of who like us are not resigned to a future of racism, exploitation, precariousness, injustice, inequality.
In this present used by fear and hate profiteers, by politics urging for war among poor, we need to make heard the voice of who like us build up every day a piece of a more fair, including, human and democratic society.
That’s why we invite everybody to work on the building of a trasnational demonstration at Italy-Austria border for the end of March. A big mobilization that expresses a clear refusal of borders and fences and a strong approval to freedom of movement.
Our spring starts here!
Info and subscriptions: appello.confini@gmail.com
See subscriptions and Italian version:
German version:

World Gay LGBTQ News all over the world - Top Headlines for Monday Feb 29, 2016


#BREAKING #NEWS [Balkanroute] refugees waiting at Albanian border‏

Is there any activists with information from greek/albanian border or 
regularly reporting/going there? thinking about going there to monitor 
situation. only found articles that all seem to have the same origin. 
besides articles about "large numbers" of refugees waiting at the border 
there is different information about albania closing its border, 
installing camps...


"Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama says that Albania will not become the 
new route for migrants headed for western Europe "because we have 
neither the conditions nor the strength nor the enthusiasm to save the 
world while others close their borders."

Macedonia has all but closed its border with Greece, blocking the path 
for migrants who are continuing to arrive at the rate of thousands 
daily, leading some to wonder whether a route through Albania would be 

Speaking on a talk show late Thursday Rama contradicted a statement made 
earlier by the integration minister in which she said Albania would not 
build a wall to prevent refugees and other migrants from entering.

Rama said Albania could not hold "the entire burden. ... I have said 
that in case of a distribution of the burden we shall take our part."

He added that Albania has for six months been in negotiation with the 
Italian government about what to do if the migrants came to his country, 
"because normally they would not come to stay in Albania but would 
target Italy" — across the Adriatic Sea."




Am 27.02.2016 08:29 schrieb rubi:
> http://www.welt.de/newsticker/news1/article152666094/Albanien-stellt-verstaerkten-Fluechtlingsandrang-fest.html
> At the border of Albania are waiting "a big number" of refugees,
> according to the minister of Integration Klajda Gjosha - the government
> needs to cooperate with the neighbouring EU-countries and has to be
> prepared, for not be forced to build fences that prevent people to 
> enter
> Albania.
> the local authorities plan to give accommodation for up to 10.000 
> Syrian
> refugees in former military barracks in Korca and also near the airport
> of Gjirokastra both in the south of Albania.
> 25.2. Albanien stellt verstärkten Flüchtlingsandrang fest
> Minister: Route syrischer Flüchtlinge verschiebt sich offenbar
> Angesichts verschärfter Einreisebedingungen in Ländern der sogenannten
> Balkanroute stellt Albanien einen wachsenden Flüchtlingsandrang an
> seiner Grenze fest. Eine "große Zahl" syrischer Flüchtlinge warte
> derzeit darauf, nach Albanien gelassen zu werden, sagte der albanische
> Integrationsminister Klajda Gjosha am Donnerstag bei einem Besuch in
> Korca im Süden des Landes. Eine genaue Zahl nannte er nicht.
> Da im griechischen Idomeni an der Grenze zu Mazedonien mittlerweile
> tausende Flüchtlinge festsäßen, zeichne sich offenbar eine neue
> Fluchtroute in west- und nordeuropäische Aufnahmeländer ab.
> "Die Regierung muss bereit sein, alle notwendigen Maßnahmen zu
> ergreifen, um keine Mauern zu errichten und diese Flüchtlinge daran zu
> hindern, nach Albanien einzureisen", mahnte Gjosha. Sein Land müsse
> daher eng "mit allen Nachbarländern, mit Griechenland und den anderen
> EU-Mitgliedsländern zusammenarbeiten", um der Flüchtlingskrise zu 
> begegnen.
> Örtlichen Medienberichten zufolge haben die albanischen Behörden einen
> Notfallplan aufgestellt, um bis zu 10.000 syrische Flüchtlinge in einer
> ehemaligen Militärkaserne in Korca sowie in der Nähe eines Flughafens 
> in
> der Nähe des südalbanischen Gjirokastra unterzubringen.
> Österreich und neun weitere Länder entlang der Balkanroute hatten am
> Mittwoch beschlossen, die Kontrollen an der griechisch-mazedonischen
> Grenze zu verschärfen. Ziel ist es laut Österreichs konservativer
> Innenministerin Johanna Mikl-Leitner, "die Migrationsströme zu 
> stoppen".
> _______________________________________________
> Balkanroute mailing list
> Balkanroute@lists.antira.info
> https://my.antira.info/mailman/listinfo/balkanroute

Frugal Business & Digital Marketing: The Most Annoying Social Media Profile Buzzwords

La nouvelle édition du journal *Azkue Fundazioa*ren egunkaria vient de sortir de presse! Edition du 29 février 2016‏

*Azkue Fundazioa*ren egunkaria
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La Une d'aujourd'hui
Frugal Business & Digital Marketing: The Most Annoying Social Media Profile Buzzwords
thumbnailwww­.myfrugalbusiness­.com - I've (sadly?) spent tens of thousands of hours on social media over the last 10+ years and I've seen quite the array of buzzwords in user profiles, summaries, and even online resumes. Some of them ...

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Angela Merkel's 'damned duty'

Sand Glass ~ EurAsia is out! Edition of 29 February 2016‏

Sand Glass ~ EurAsia

Published by
Ambassador A.MacMillan Dik vinkje
29 February 2016

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Angela Merkel's 'damned duty'
thumbnailwww­.politico­.eu - Francesco Guerrera’s daily briefing on the intersection of political and financial power. Ryan Heath's must-read briefing on what's driving the day in Brussels. A weekly intelligence and analysis n...

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Greek Anarchist Prisoners: solidarity updates

The Daily Bread is out! Edition of 29 February 2016‏

The Daily Bread

Don't ask for the Daily Bread,

go and take it from those who have stolen it!
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29 February 2016

Science Business 
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Today's headline
Greek Anarchist Prisoners: solidarity updates
thumbnailthefreeonline­.wordpress­.com - The proposition of the prosecutor for the 2nd trial of the Revolutionary Struggle case was postponed for Wednesday 24/02/16. The judges refused to appoint a new lawyer for Revolutionary Struggle me...
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