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woensdag 31 december 2014

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #245 - Thousand cows in a factory farm (fr, it, pt)

 (en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #245 - Thousand cows
in a factory farm (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

On 14 September, the Peasant Confederation and Novissen, a local association, blocked the 
factory farm called the 1000 cows (Somme). Since September 2013, they are fighting against 
this insane project. Michel Ramery, its founder, intends to use animals for anaerobic 
digestion... and possibly milk. He recently tried to force putting 500 cows on the site 
while it was not all permissions. The standoff is on. ---- With the factory farm cows 
1000, its founder, Michel Ramery is located far from the small farm in dairy production. 
The goal is to 1000 cows building and acquire 3,000 hectares of land for an operating 
license. With three milkings per day, it intends to produce 9 million liters per year. 
Thanks to gains in its giant digester, he is willing to sell the milk to 270 euros per 
tonne while the market price is around 350 euros. This kind of policy will necessarily 
lead to lower prices and create difficulties for small farms. It does not have to worry 
because the project is a real pump money. All confused, he would receive 4 million state 
aid per year.

The industrialization of agriculture involves a concentration of means of production in 
livestock, in hectares, building, manpower and financial resources. The future would be 
huge farms in near monoproduction (it necessarily loses diversity) managed by financial 

Destruction of the food economy

We import raw materials and export the surplus that we will sell low, especially in 
so-called developing countries. Destruction of the food economy for them, rural 
depopulation and destruction of small farming here. Produce more does not feed the world, 
it creates famines! Liberalization already leading the way. The end of milk quotas[1] 
anticipates the agricultural disaster ahead. According to some estimates, we would spend 
78,000 dairy farms in 2011 to some 25,000 in 2035.

To be independent of the food perspective, it takes many farms, able to provide a varied 
diet rich in employment. The farm-factory 1000 cows replaces twenty farms 50 cows (French 
average) and 42 jobs when it hired a dozen people for raising activity. With the numerous 
frauds and irregularities of which it is subject, this project would never have come into 
being. But, contrary to what the government can say, the draft Ramery collects strong 
political support.

Say no to industrial agriculture

The only government response to the disappearance of farmers planned is repression. 
Following action of the Peasant Confederation on the site of the factory farm, five union 
activists were arrested and taken into custody. Their trial will be held on October 28 at 
Amiens and the peasant union does not intend to let buried alive.

Then, on 28 October, all to Amiens to say no to union repression and industrial agriculture!

George Claas (AL Var)

[1] Milk quotas limit the exploitation by production volume in order to maintain the 
courses and avoid a race to the concentration and the enlargement of farms


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