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maandag 13 september 2021

#WORLD #WORLDWIDE #CHILI #ANARCHISM #News #Journal #Update - (en) Federación Anarquista Santiago: Opinion letter (ca, de, it, fr, pt)

 The restitution process, as we have indicated, comes to oxygenate the weakened

bourgeois legal-institutional pact, so much so that Fernando Atria, champion of
the new constitution, broad front and defense attorney for transnational
companies, clearly points out that this process is coming to reconstitute the
power the State, therefore, to impose the Social Peace of the dominant bloc by
means of which it is possible to give legitimacy to the system of domination.
According to the above, certain sectors that are called the revolutionary left
sacrificed years of social and grassroots work in pursuit of the electoral and
institutionalist project, seeking in the constitutional body to shape the popular
project. For us it is clear that the popular project does not go through these
instances, an example of this is how the democratic consensus has been imposed,
neutralizing class positions and leaving ridiculous scenes such as the Broad
Front allowing a vice presidency to the extreme right or having the aide-de-camp
de Pinochet in the Human Rights commission.
On the other hand, in the face of the unleashed crisis, the political system
corrects its own positions towards the center, with the three main presidential
candidacies (Sichel, Boric and Provoste) having the very realization that the
dominant bloc seeks to deactivate through consensus and coercion the class
conflict. With this, our analysis is reaffirmed, which pointed out in June that
in the territory dominated by the State of Chile there is no process of
"left-winging", but rather a will to change without a sense of class or rupture,
a clear example of this is the already wrecked project of "The People's List",
where the personalist logic stifled the collective articulation and its ability
to propose a protest project, being these replaced by identity elements that gave
them a weak cohesion.
Additionally, the institutionalization process has also shaken the struggle for
political prisoners, where the most disgusting maneuvers have been used to
separate between the "good" and "bad" political prisoners, a situation confirmed
with the visit of the infamous collaborator of the repression. Gabriel Boric, who
with his visit to the Santiago 1 prison was trying to stress the movement for the
liberation of political prisoners and isolate the anti-prison positions, emptying
the struggle of its content. As an Anarchist Federation of Santiago we understand
that our fight is against the prison society which is a constant threat to the
oppressed class, since every community effort that fights for a dignified life is
a target for the State's mechanisms of repression, confinement and torture. ,
On the other hand, we have seen how the inflationary process makes life more and
more expensive. Food and basic services have dramatically increased their price,
clearly affecting our class, who have seen our existence become more precarious
every day. However, our position must not be passive, but rather we must
strengthen our organizational efforts, strengthening on the one hand the supply
networks and those instances of solidarity that allow us to survive in this
complex context, and on the other hand, raise protests against the shortage of
food. life, positioning the fight for good living and a dignified life in our
territories, issues that strengthen the path of community management, thus
breaking the false dichotomy between the market and the State.
In sum, our commitment is to continue building an organized community outside the
institutional framework, betting all our forces on the continuity of the cycle of
revolt, which we understand not as something linear, but rather as a
contradictory process of advances and setbacks where the centrality is in
strengthening and extending popular organization, betting on community management
of a dignified life. Likewise, we salute the articulation efforts of our class,
where from sea to mountain range, from desert to Patagonia, social organizations,
territorial assemblies, supply networks, women's groups and sexual dissidents,
popular libraries, groups for the defense of the territory and nature,
counter-information media, propaganda groups, etc., They have been given the task
of programmatic construction in pursuit of the development of the popular
movement with greater capacity for struggle and organization. As an organization
we think that this is the way: organization, struggle and direct action are the
tools that as a class we have to promote, in order to build the revolutionary
self-managed power through which we can increase our capacity to respond to the
precariousness of life and the maintenance of the State of Permanent Exception.
For this reason, we walk alongside the peoples who fight day by day, not from the
slogan or the slogan, but in the territories, building community ignoring the
siren songs of the restitution process, its defenders and its false critics. The
call is to continue deepening the popular political learning process that has
been under way since the furious October 2019, strengthening the grassroots
organization, programmatically articulating ourselves as an oppressed class, and
developing horizontal methodologies and direct action within the struggling
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