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zondag 27 mei 2018

Anarchic update news all over the world - 27.05.2018

Today's Topics:


1.  asr anarshism: Announcing the formation of the Anarchist
      Union of Afghanistan & Iran (

2.  Czech, afed: Pohodinda after Anarchist Sommercampu -- A
      report from the Antillean anarchist camp in Austria as an
      attraction for this year's event. [machine translation]

3.  Russia, avtonom: A rally against torture St. Petersburg on
      May 20 [machine translation] (

4.  Greece, Vogliamo tutto e per tutti anarchist collectivity --
      Call to ANTIPOLEMIC-ANTENNA PORIA, Saturday 26 May, 

     12 pm, Post
      Office-Larissa (gr) [machine translation] (

 5.  masari: Slovenia & Croatia, Anarchist Network (MASA), Anarh
      2018. in the river [machine translation] (


Message: 1

This union is a free and voluntary agreement, and each individual or group will continue 
to operate independently in addition to being in the union ---- In the union, all 
anarchist tendencies, except for religious, pacifist and so called capitalist anarchists, 
have the potential to be volunteered ---- All persons and groups are required to sign any 
call or announcement with the name of the union. If no collective agreement is reached, 
each individual or group can independently and with the name or group itself sign the item 
---- At the beginning of the formation of the union, the highest level of cooperation will 
be in the joint signing of the Union of Anarchists. Over time, with more familiarity with 
individuals and groups, there will be a possibility to expand the level of cooperation 
---- Anarchist Union of Afghanistan and Iran include the following anarchist groups

  The collection of the anarchist era (it's a community of anarchists of Iran and 
Afghanistan both inside and outside the country.)

Anarchist group "Aleyh" (who are based in Afghanistan)

  The revolutionary radical anarchist front (who are present in Iran)

P.S:The possibility of joining new people and groups of anarchists will be permanent


Message: 2

In the second half of April 2016, the Anarchist Federation organized a small promotional 
tour with stops in Brno, Jihlava and Prague where the organizing team of the summer 
anarchist camp in Austria presented its intention and tried to attract some Czech 
participants. And why not when it was supposed to be about 80 miles from the border. ---- 
The tour did not remain unanswered, and eventually, more than a dozen Czech-speaking 
anarchists and anarchists met in the northeastern country near Linz in the days of August 
12-21, 2016, to mingle with a number of other similarly minded but Czech non-speaking 
visitors. ---- First of all, it has to be said that there was definitely no concealed 
meeting. Promotion took place not only through promotional tours and internal channels, 
but also on the Internet and posters in the streets of Austrian cities. The invitation 
also set the target of meeting, "to bring together individuals and groups across borders 
and to strengthen cooperation within the Left and the Anarchist Movement. An alternative 
society without domination can not only be read from books - it needs to be tested in real 
life. The camp can provide us with the opportunity to experience self-government, open up 
new perspectives on how to live together, and provide ideas for new projects. In addition, 
a common engagement of critical theories and practices encourages questions about our own 
actions. "

It is true that the Austrian anarchists have a lot of projects in the area of Vienna, but 
they often do not know each other and do not co-ordinate their activities. The result 
should therefore be "a network of events and cooperation that will survive the camp 
itself". Whether this plan has been accomplished will show some time. The camp was 
certainly a great opportunity to establish and consolidate activist contacts and friendly 
ties across the borders that our "states" are building.


The organization of the camp adhered to anarchist principles. The organizing group 
provided its background, took care of the promotion and provided the necessary 
infrastructure. There was everything else in place without any hierarchy. And there was no 
need for it except the consciousness that everyone is equal, and if they want to feel 
comfortable and respected, they have to have the same respect for a pleasant environment 
for others. And the problem was not even the fact that there were several hundred people 
living here and more than a week ago. Someone stayed longer, another for a few days.

Fair behavior was the basic principle that he assumed that he would not suffer 
discrimination and a mechanism of oppression of any kind and that everyone would feel 
responsible. There was space in the camp that was available "as a meeting place and free 
space exclusively for women and transgender people". Although some of us helped build the 
tents in this separate space, we were not interested anymore, and some of us also came in 
inappropriate, that the anarchist camp is like that. We are anarchists and anarchists, so 
why create such exclusive spaces? On the other hand, they have been based on long-standing 
debates that we have not been present in, because in our activist environment, such topics 
have never been too much or just marginal.

In addition, some of us were at first distrustful of the pre-formed Awareness group, whose 
task was to work especially when personal limits were exceeded. People in the group served 
as contact persons in case someone was bothered. We were a little worried that such a 
group would not engage in a form of interpersonal police. At one point, she really had to 
be warned that she could not arbitrarily change the program of other people because it 
seemed important to preferentially solve something else. But everything lies in 
communication and willingness to come to a solution. Soon, however, the group proved to be 
helpful in solving one problem that was not critical, but it could have been important to 
someone, and there was a risk that the camp would be uncomfortable. Thus, it was announced 
the possibility of participating in an open discussion group, divided into four smaller 
groups after the opening debate for practical reasons. Eventually there was a consensus of 
the participants and the problem was no longer heard. So it is good if someone feels 
something like a problem, start to deal collectively as soon as possible.

One of the outputs was the establishment of a "Not a contract" board, where everyone could 
add a ticket to what they wanted to feel safe and comfortable. Maybe this billboard should 
be more promoted because some of them did not even look at it. Otherwise, they would 
respect the wishes of people with children and those who walk barefoot so that no bumps or 
plugs are going anywhere, and smokers (who were not very few) would ask the others within 
a radius of ten meters if they do not mind them lighting them in their presence.


There was no mistake at the venue. Tábor was situated in the vicinity of a small farm, 
which obviously belongs to the people of the idea, who provide space for smaller 
festivals. Part of the farm building was accessible, part of the privacy of its permanent 
residents was preserved. In the distant meadows, there was room for visitors' tents, so as 
not to be disturbed by the noise from the central meadow, which sloped from the farmhouse 
through the kitchen and the "dining room" to the great stage and where it was the 
imaginary center of the camp. There were fireplaces in several places, where flamboyant 
debates (no, rather a non-binding chat with beer) were conducted in the flames of light in 
smaller groups that had just broken before dawn.

The last mockers of the smoldering logs alternated early in the morning with those who 
ensured that everything was in place right after the morning, fire under the boiler with 
water for tea and coffee, chopped wood, empty bass bottles, forgotten stuff in a box with 
losses and finds ... and mainly from eight prepared hearty breakfasts.

The kitchen was a chapter for itself. Anarchists and anarchists from the Swiss team 
Retroduktion, which we met once at the great anarchist meeting in Saint-Imier in 2012, 
were guided by the anarchists and anarchists. The principle was to cook on fire using 
renewable resources - wood, and using organic food. The team read about eight people, to 
whom a number of volunteers were added to the camp, mainly from our expedition - Cocina 
Perdida from Brno, part of equipment, supplies and assistance. Meetings of the kitchen 
were held once or twice a day - what was going to be prepared, how much was needed, and 
who was in charge of any activity. Everything went after the vegan butter and the result 
was a satisfied filling of campers. There is no need to say that the food was vegan and 
looked at the needs of allergists.

A number of boards with basic information and a program were at the entrance to the camp. 
Here were the basic rules, the purpose of Awareness of the team, the timing of the meal, 
or the procedure when the camp defense was needed. As it stood on one of the handwritten 
posters: "Anarchist society must be able to defend itself against aggression, for example 
by the fascists." Emphasis was placed on unprintableness in the use of self-defense tools 
that were prepared at a special site, including beer- bottles.

Another panel served for invitations to other events, such as climate action camps, 
another for communication, where people could write messages, invitations, queries, 
campsite notes, or co-location offers. Elsewhere, maps of the neighborhood, contact for 
medical help, or opening shops, and even the most demanding tips for dumpster diving were 
displayed. A separate panel consisted of a breakdown of services where everybody could 
sign up voluntarily and put his hand to work on the smooth running of the camp. It was 
necessary to clean the lavatories, wash dishes, slicing vegetables, or have fun for the 
children, so that their parents could attend a program other than watching their own kids. 
Stronger children soon got together and games organized themselves just as kids naturally 
do. Ensuring crash work, such as composing imported wood or food, it took place completely 
spontaneously and almost immediately with the help of those who were just around. Not many 
people were asked to ask the kitchen whether they could help, but the supply exceeded the 

Within a few days, a hanging bathtub was displayed next to the board, showing how camp 
finance was. These were needed to cover the basic expenses involved in securing camp 
infrastructure, importing timber, and purchasing raw materials for the kitchen. Costs were 
covered by contributions. The recommended amount for registration was eight euros per day, 
but you could have contributed even more, and if you could not afford that for some 
reason, you contributed less. It would be unthinkable for someone to be discriminated 
against or excluded simply because of the lack of funds.

Probably the most watched panel was the one with the program. Although the effort to 
prepare the basic program in advance, it was a very natural process. Everyone could offer 
a lecture, workshop or entertainment according to their abilities. There were prepared 
tickets to fill in the annotation of the event, location and time. The offer was really 
great, so there were 4-5 workshops in the same time during the day. Other camping 
facilities include several bigger tents, a bar, a kitchen inside the farmhouse, a computer 
room, others with musical instruments, a concert hall, a freeshop with clothing, or 
several sorted waste stations. In the local outdoor oven, the kitchen team prepared bread, 
sweets, toasted potatoes, etc. There was also a warehouse for use like papers, paper, 
cardboard, paint. Next to the kitchen was an outdoor dishwasher, near the tent surface, 
the outdoor showers - who were not built on the cold, could use the water heated in the 
sun in black cubs. A separate tent with a carpet was reserved for children. Whoever 
wanted, he could try to abduct or train balancing on the trees surrounding the farm.

An anarchist infoshop where the zinions, books, magazines, leaflets, stickers, 
newsletters, posters, etc. were all on the small stage, all as a matter of course for 
voluntary contributions to stacked boxes. We have presented Antifenix with information 
materials and benefit cards and T-shirts. Behind the billboard were the addresses of the 
imprisoned activists and a brief account of their case. One ticket was given to Martin 
Ignarák, who at that time "enjoyed" another extension of his ties to Pankrác. In addition 
to the infoshop, it was possible to buy books at the stands of the anarchist bookstore 
from Vienna. And during the camp, several exhibitions of photos from various events, 
especially those devoted to climate change, appeared among the trees.

The slightly festive nature of the event differed in the fact that there was no money in 
the camp, nobody was here at anybody, it was not a demonstration of social or sub-cultural 
status by showing branded clothing, uniformity or various poses. It was nice to be again 
among people whose eyes and hands are not prone to smartphones and who respect the privacy 
of others by not serving, even if no strict ban on the shootings was ever posted. With the 
camera, we saw only one girl, who added to the communication panel that he would take 
several pictures to prepare the report, but that nobody could see or see them.

Visit from across the border

A rough estimate for the camp could be replaced by 400 people, mostly from Austria. It was 
also possible to meet people from Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Great Britain, France, 
Turkey and other countries. As has been said, there was also a "delegation" from the Czech 
Republic, made up of half members and members of the Anarchist Federation.

Although for most of the participants the mother tongue was German, the maximum of debates 
and workshops was conducted in English. At the same time, in the invitation to the camp 
there was a call for people not to enter existing friendly circles. However, it is true 
that because of the linguistic incompetence of some of us it was difficult to completely 
dissolve among the others, so we spent a lot of time together. For those linguistically 
proficient, however, it was a matter of translating for their late friends, so even they 
could participate in some workshops. In addition, for activists wishing to practice 
foreign languages (especially English), similar meetings are a great asset. You will also 
learn a lot of regional expressions. From one of the comrades, among other things, we 
caught the word "pohodinda" when he commented on our mood at the midday siesta. We could 
not help remembering a certain "expert on extremism" who told the anarchists that they 
wanted to be just the right thing for everyone. So anarchy in practice.

In order to avoid the impression that we were just rolling with stuffed nails, we must say 
that we were actively involved in the camp. From morning cleaning through kitchen help to 
dishwashing. In the kitchen, we even prepared several separate dishes, such as potato 
pancakes or fried vegetables. The potato bout proved to be a hell of a thing, because 
eating two huge pots of potatoes, and above all frying them over potato fire for more than 
200 people, was quite demanding and almost endless. Even the preparation of the 
cranberries took a long time, especially because we had to go to the nearby forest first. 
So we did such a mushroom workshop, which resulted in a crate of brown mushrooms, which 
was supplemented by a toadstool rosacea and for us until then unknown boletus alive.

Besides, we helped to build some common tents at the beginning, ensure the excavation of 
the drainage canal from the kitchen, and our member led one of the workshops. So many of 
our contributions to the joint work. Besides, we created a collective effort to test the 
new board game "Up to the Bottom".

At the end of the camp, we also organized smaller dance parties with a benefit cocktail 
bar, in which we offered alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in cooperation with 
Diskoteror soundsystem. The whole event was very successful, people danced and drank as 
life, and the entire proceeds from this event worth CZK 5600 will be used to support the 
Antifenix campaign.


As already mentioned, the camp program was rich and it was definitely what to choose from. 
It makes no sense to list all workshops, lectures, and discussions. One day, for example, 
was devoted mainly to anti-fascist themes. For a few days, clown army training or a 
workshop on the basics of anarchism took place. The situation in their countries has been 
portrayed, for example, by anarchists from Turkey and Chile. The themes of other events 
ranged from criticism of capitalism to the practical issues of the organization (eg 
workshop on preventing unnecessary debates) to alternative education or flirting and 
establishing relationships in queer and anti-authoritarian circles. You could learn to 
explore wild herbs and edible plants, which was the second day of herbal tasting of herbal 

We participated in workshops only in a limited way. For example, one that linked 
non-violent communication and a non-monetary economy, which at first appeared to be two 
unrelated things. Non-violent communication is based on an inappropriate description, 
related feelings, and efforts to address the general needs of the problem, and to define 
the requirement accordingly. The non-monetary economy has just taken on the issue of 
meeting needs to be developed. We were able to practice communication according to the 
model presented and finally to group theoretically to model the functioning of 
non-monetary relations.

Those interested in radical history from our ranks attracted a workshop on this topic. In 
the introduction, official history was presented as the history of elites, winners and 
technological progress. Radical history, however, looks different, and above all, it 
writes history from the bottom, from the viewpoint of unprivileged and often losers; the 
history of resistance, the struggle for dignity, freedom and economic certainty. In the 
practical part, we got about 15 photographs on which people were involved in various 
events (Kobanê, Spanish Revolution, Kronstadt, Black Panthers, sufraging ...). We picked 
one pair of pairs in the pairs and built a story where we met the figure on the photo or 
its author. Subsequently, photos were played and stories were told. The benefit was that 
we realized that it was possible to build up emotionally swayed stories from the history 
of the resistance movement based on images, which are framed by real events. The overall 
peaceful atmosphere of the campsite allowed slowing down and perceiving images with 
different optics than in the fast-paced world of work and consumption. At the end, it was 
possible to take a look at publications about history, rich-text books and comics.

As for the nightlife, you could have a beer or a must with a fire and with a fire in your 
heart to establish contacts with others. And about a couple of days you could enjoy the 
music production in the concert hall, or entertain yourself with other rhythmless insomnia 
with almost everything.


Anarchist camp has made a deep impression on us. Indeed, as the invitation emphasized, "it 
was not a normal holiday". After returning to work, it was not possible to defend 
intrusive thoughts about the meaning of stolen work under pressure and capital gain. After 
all, we have just reached a practice that has completely non-violently combined leisure 
time, political activity, the possibility of direct participation in the community and of 
free labor, and all of them in a very small number of people.

Perhaps you might be damned and improved. For example, there was a general plenum that 
could have met twice, during the camp. And there is something about the collective way of 
showing each one, who has everything in the camp, building temporary and permanent 
cooperation on specific activities after the camp. There is a question of how it would 
work with such a variable composition, but it would probably cost a try.

The Ignatius added to the camp: "I was a little bit sorry for not helping the place alone, 
which I would very much like. Perhaps if they had prepared a pile of wood, people could 
have been chopped in such a huge number for the whole winter. The energy of a large number 
of people united in certain thoughts would be even better seen. "

Some of us have confirmed that although there are general rules, concrete examples are put 
into practice by their awareness in confrontation with the experienced. For someone, it 
was absolutely new to share space with people with physical disabilities (there were, for 
example, a few wheelchair users or a blind one) or with more translations. In this 
context, Marek described his experience: "When we talked about whether to take a 
particular person as a girl or a boy, we came to the conclusion that the question itself 
is totally absurd. Because it's primarily human and gender does not matter at all. Since I 
lack experience with the presence of people who are considered 'other' in a normative 
society, I have realized that some uncertainty that forces me to think over things can, on 
the contrary, lead to rejection of 'the other' and to different forms of xenophobia ,

(Published in Existence 4/2016

More about this year's anarchist camp in northern Austria, which will take place from 1 to 
8 August 2018, you will find HERE .


Message: 3

May 20, on Sunday, in St. Petersburg in Ovsyannikovsky Garden from 15.00 to 16.00 there 
will be a rally against torture in the law enforcement agencies. The action is 
coordinated. ---- The purpose of the rally is to draw the public's attention to the 
practice of torture used by the police and the FSB. ---- The system of bodies of state 
security, internal affairs, supervision and execution of punishment in modern Russia is 
based on torture. Any person can be tortured regardless of his procedural status - whether 
he is a suspect, a witness, a victim, an applicant, or simply inadvertently detained. 
Another "accidental death" from torture, injuries sustained, failure to provide medical 
care, etc. in the institutions of law enforcement bodies is already habitually interpreted 
by the police and other security forces as a statistical error, possibly an inflection, 
"fell down", or even suicide. These "accidentally" people, tortured to death, are victims 
of systemic lawlessness, sadistic violence and lawlessness.

One example of the use of torture, when investigating a fabricated FSB case is the case of 
the so-called terrorist network "Network" . In the case of 9 people, 8 of them are 
arrested and kept in the pretrial detention center of Penza and St. Petersburg. Most of 
them used electric shocks. During the torture, the siloviki forced the suspects to 
memorize and sign the FSB's testimony. More information about the case can be found at

We invite representatives of all political movements and public initiatives that do not 
accept any kind of discrimination and want to express their opinion about the 
inadmissibility of torture in law enforcement bodies.

Place and time: Ovsyannikovsky Garden (between Bakunin Avenue, 3rd Sovetskaya, Mytninskaya 
and Starorusskaya streets), from 3 pm to 4 pm

In St. Petersburg, a rally against torture in the Russian law enforcement agencies
May 21, 2018 - 16:09 - Revision

About 400 people took part in the rally against torture in St. Petersburg. The meeting was 
held in Ovsyannikovsky Garden, the only place in the center of St. Petersburg, where the 
city authorities allowed it to be held. The event was organized by the St. Petersburg 
group of solidarity with anarchists and anti-fascists arrested on the "Web affair" .

The main banner of the rally was sent to the upcoming World Cup, on the eve of which the 
Russian authorities toughened repression. On the banner was written: "World Championship 
of torture. Russia 2018 "and depicts the emblem of the championship with crossed police 
batons. Many came to the rally with their banners and banners, among them: "Antifascism is 
not a crime", "Electroshocker. 100% guarantee of confessions "," We are ice under the feet 
of the major "," FSB tortures people because you are not here today "," Hell is a state 
institution and is contained in our taxes "," Torture love silence "," Torture is our 
traditional values "," The Federal Service of Bugs of the Russian Federation "," 
Conscience is more expensive than the award ", as well as quotes from the testimonies of 
those arrested on the" Web affair ".

On one of the garden benches, an infobox was organized, where it was possible to sign 
postcards for the accused on the "Web affair", donate money for their support, take 
leaflets, stickers, badges, T-shirts. During the hour of the rally 56 cards were signed 
and 20685 rubles were collected.

The meeting opened with a speech by member of the Public Monitoring Commission Yana 
Teplitskaya, who stressed that over the last year and a half, the OOC received several 
dozen complaints of torture. " For all of these complaints, we applied to the 
Investigative Committee, and none of them was brought to account for any of them. On the 
contrary, lawsuits were filed against members of the PSC and journalists who disseminate 
information. " Yana concluded her speech with the words: "When we next know that someone 
is tortured, it will be great if in front of the building - be it the FSB or the police 
department or the Center for Combating Extremism - there will be more people, and 
relatives and lawyers will not be alone . "

Also speaking was a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg from the Yabloko 
party, Boris Vishnevsky: " What is happening now with people who have been publicly called 
terrorists without any trial, goes beyond all limits. How to stop it? One simple recipe is 
a change of power in the country, because today's government covers all this. And the 
second recipe is not to be silent, hold such rallies, write appeals, address deputies, 
journalists, make public what is happening. If hundreds of thousands of Petersburgers came 
out today against torture, tomorrow all this would cease, all would be dismissed and 
punished and, possibly, planted . "

Continued the theme of "Web affair" anarchist and anti-fascist Oleg: "On January 26, 2018 
I witnessed a crime against my friend and Ilya Kapustin's neighbor. The Investigative 
Committee replied that the numerous traces of the electric shock that I saw right after 
the FSB agents leaving our apartment, that these are not traces of burns, but they are 
just bites of bedbugs. I saw these bedbugs, they fell in with a search to our apartment 
and turned the whole house over. All this time we receive very much support from many 
people. Thank you for spreading the information, continuing the fight against this 
lawlessness. And I'm sure that our enemy is very powerful. We have very few instruments of 
pressure on this structure, which has subordinated to itself all media resources, all 
power structures. But the fact that you do not despair, come here and have the courage - 
thank you very much, and I think one day we will win. Down with the torture, down with the 
FSB! "

Father Julia Boyarshinova Nikolai: " I express my protest against the medieval methods of 
inquiry. No country can respect itself if such lawlessness is created in it. And I am very 
grateful that many people came to Yulia's last trial session, his friends came. This very 
much supported him. I very much hope that all these drops will gather in a big downpour 
that will wash away all this abomination . " Nicholas was escorted from the rostrum to 
applause and shouting: "Hold on! Thank you! "Leading the rally at the request of Nicholas 
added that every Friday evening he will go out with a single picket on Nevsky Prospect 
near Malaya Sadovaya Street.

Alexander Litreev of the Libertarian Party of St. Petersburg urged not to get used to and 
not to put up with what is happening now in Russia. " For every person who is threatened 
with torture, to which the FSB comes, we should get up together. And next time in front of 
the FSB's house on Liteiny, 4 there should be a lot more people gathered . "

Nikolay Oleinikov from the Arkady Kots group: " I would like to emphasize one important 
detail that, in addition to torture and monstrous injustice, unites these guys. These are 
anti-fascist views. And we perfectly understand that after 2012, and especially after 
2014, after the Crimea, anti-fascism in our country is suddenly and again the state 
ideological doctrine, part of the propaganda machine that works against antifascism, in 
fact . " Together with the presenter and the audience, he sang the translation of the 
anti-fascist song of Woody Guthrie "Lusia."

Anna Mikhailova, participant of the Crimean field human rights center, told about 
repressions against the Crimean Tatars and activists. She recalled that for the seventh 
day already political prisoner Oleg Sentsov has been on an indefinite hunger strike, 
demanding the release of Ukrainian political prisoners from Russian prisons. " I would 
like to wish all the activists strength on both sides of the grid, " she concluded.

She continued to talk about unlimited violence in law enforcement agencies Ksenia 
Korchilova, an activist of the Detainees Assistance Group. " I think everyone here knows 
how the detentions are held in peaceful protest actions, as police officers and Rosgvardia 
beat people with truncheons, just beat them, dragged them by their hair. This has become 
our commonplace, we begin to get used to and adapt. I think that we must never forget that 
this is not the norm. It is necessary to counteract both torture and any violence by 
police officers, because these are links in one chain. It's hard for me to talk about this 
and very often I can not talk about it. But it seems to me that even when absolutely no 
words are at all, you need to learn to talk about it . "

Valeria Kovalishina, a feminist, participant of the Russian Socialist movement, stressed 
the importance of solidarity for political activists today: " Assistance to political 
prisoners is one of the things that we can do now together, leaving aside our ideological 
differences. We should not allow ourselves to be intimidated and drive us into the 
kitchen. Because we know that the regime, which is based on fear and police batons, is 
doomed. Freedom to political prisoners! "

The last at the rally was the activist of the group "LeftFem" Natalia Rybalko. She 
conveyed greetings to her son, who is among the assembled. «It touches me personally, 
because I am a parent, the mother of a child who is also a convinced anti-fascist who 
openly expresses his views, walks to the shares. And I'm wildly afraid, guys. We are all 
afraid for our children and therefore we must go out and say: "Enough, stop, stop these 
crimes!" We must say that these people who commit lawlessness now know that we are 
following the fate of these guys, we are watching them and know about what is happening. 
We will not leave this just like that. And that's why I hope that the fact that we are now 
gathered will somehow help - and to us all, and our children, and first of all, of course, 
these guys. Therefore - publicity, support and solidarity! "

They finished the rally "Rhythms of resistance", they played drums and shouted together 
with the crowd: "The FSB tortures - the authorities cover", "Write letters to the 
prisoners", "Your tortures will not kill our ideas", "Freedom to political prisoners", 
"Black rubber made power, it's made of cops. "

The meeting lasted an hour, after which its leading, feminist and anti-fascist Sasha 
Chernousova asked the comers to turn down the flags, but for some time people did not 
disperse, talking, signing cards to prisoners. A large group of participants went to the 
special detention center on Zakharevskaya Street, to meet the 15-day-old administrative 
arrest of the activist of the Detainees Assistance Group Alexei Belozerov.


Message: 4

The sovereigns of the earth reunite with the peoples, the blood borders. ---- In Greece, 
Turkey, Macedonia, the enemy is in banks and ministries. ---- War in state, bosses and 
their fascist reserves. ---- Within a global landscape that compose the war, the economic 
and military interventions, the exacerbation of intra-capitalist antagonisms for world 
control and hegemony, the plunder of the natural environment and the human societies, it 
is now more understandable than ever, that impoverishment , our complete submission and 
extermination are the prerequisites for the perpetuation of the system. The only future 
that capitalism and every state form of organization have to offer is destruction and 
death. ---- Today, more than ever, it is understood that the military operations on the 
Syrian territory are not a single conflict, they have the same denominator as what is 
happening in Ukraine, and they are the condensation of the intuitive antagonisms for world 
control and hegemony. In Syria, the two major US powers are involved, with their ally the 
EU. (a member of which is also the Greek state) and Russia, as well as regional powers 
such as Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia, who want the largest possible portion of the world 
reappearance.The conflicts, alliances and agreements that are taking place against the 
backdrop of the war in Syria are so fluid that it is understood that the dominant camps 
can not yet be delimited. However, the involvement of all these lethal war machines on 
such a small terrain does not bode well for them from below. And if the US (Nato-EU) and 
the world over the last few years, they seem to be experiencing (for various reasons) 
vibrations in their omnipotence, which has made it the main enemy of Russia to believe 
that power correlations can change to its advantage.

At the same time, the change in geopolitical power relations determines the movements and 
alliances of a number of states, more or less powerful, aiming at more power and wealth. 
This also shows us what is happening in the southeastern Mediterranean against the 
background of the AOZ. (Exclusive Economic Zones), where the Greek state has concluded 
agreements with Israel, Egypt and Cyprus, among other things, for the exploitation of the 
energy deposits in the south of the island, while at the same time through its alliances 
it seeks to strengthen its position both in the wider region, as well as towards the 
Turkish state.At the same time, it hopes to intensify the problems within the country's 
neighbor and other frictions to arise in the already tense relations between Turkey and 
the USA. in order to exploit it in order to find itself in a better position in this 
always "competitive neighbourhood". In this direction, the Greek state strengthens the 
existing US-NATO military bases (Souda, Araxos) or installs new ones, such as in the city 
of Larissa where a unit of unmanned aircraft (MQ-9 Reaper type) US military forces. The 
new unit is added to the already heavily militarized region of Larissa in which there are 
five major military bases, with the most important one isArmy, the Air Force Headquarters 
and the 110 Battle Wing (airport) where the US unit was transferred. On the other side 
Turkey strengthens its aggressive stance utilizing its military machine (the two the 
largest in NATO), while pursuing a seemingly contradictory foreign policy seeks to exploit 
the gaps, resulting in the global chessboard, from the antagonisms between Russia and US, 
concluding alliances with one or the other superpower. At the same time, it follows the 
same "contradictory" policy with the EU, moving once in a direction of approach and 
sometimes conflict, trying to upgrade its role in the global hierarchy.

Against this background, the Macedonian issue comes back to the forefront due to the 
intended enlargement of the EU and NATO, two supranational mechanisms of economic and 
military enforcement.Greece is already a member of these two mechanisms and Macedonia is 
seeking its membership. Through the negotiation, the name of the two states aims to 
achieve more favorable conditions and to strengthen their position towards each other in 
their future alliance in NATO and the EU. At the same time, they are decisive for shaping 
the situation and restarting it "Macedonian issue" is the pursuit of both the Greek 
capital, for further expansion to the neighboring country as well as the Greek state for 
the protection and promotion of its economic interests and the hegemony in the wider area 
in the market. While we must not forget the role of the Turkish state, which is trying to 
promote its own plans both in the Balkans and the Middle East. That isthe issue is 
reopened to serve the economic, military and political interests of sovereigns. This is 
why nationalisms are being stimulated on both sides of the border and polarization is 
being created. At the moment, therefore, when more and more authoritarian laws are being 
enacted, which increasingly exacerbate poverty, control, exploitation, exclusion and lead 
to ever-larger social fragments in marginalization, the state attempts to disorient us by 
trying to reconcile exploiters and exploiters under the imaginary community of the nation 
and to convince us that the enemy is national rather than class. Samuel Johnson once said: 
"Patriotism is the last refuge of the rogue". We say today: "The more they steal your 
life, so they feed you with nation and race." The dilemma that has to be put on everyone 
and all is: I will be with the authority that speaks of patriotic responsibility and calls 
for national cohesion or I will be with the racing and subversive part of society . 
Because the enemy is not national, it is class. That is why our struggle is against their 
state, capital and their fascist reserves.It also passes through the degradation of the 
patriotic feather, as well as the constant claim of the urban space, where we have to 
challenge our speech, to stop with our actions and to isolate all sorts of fascists. By 
intervening in workplaces, schools, universities, quarters, squares and cafes, every inch 
of public space. Our struggle is against the exploitation and oppression of man by man, 
for a world of equality, solidarity, justice and freedom. Our struggle is 
internationalist, against homelands and borders, against nationalism and intolerance.

At the moment, therefore, that capitalism is constantly moving towards an ever more 
complete model, both politically and economically, and modern totalitarianism takes hold 
on the lives of the oppressed and the exploited, while the powerful are preparing, 
building their alliances , for yet another global conflict, the only dilemma for the 
underworld of this world is again the same ... liberal communism or barbarism.

The oppressors have nothing to gain from our participation in the inter-egoistic wars that 
attempt to draw us, nor do we have to separate something from below. It is our class, 
political, and internationalist duty to become the embankment of local and foreign 
nationalisms and the new wave of nationalist delusion that they dig into the media, 
church, partieson the occasion of the "Macedonian question". Against the geostrategic 
antagonisms of the states that have transformed the planet and, above all, the Middle East 
into a war zone, to pre-empt the solidarity of the peoples and to speculate that we are 
not and will not be meat for their cannons. The only war that makes sense to us and can 
put an end to state and capitalist barbarism and to all wars is the war against every 
power, the overthrow of the state and capital. To oppose the fragmented and bloody Balkans 
of the States, a Balkan peninsula free from border scars and religious and nationalist 
segregation, the Balkans as a free movement of locals and immigrants, the Balkans as a 
single commune, the Balkans from below .

Solidarity is the weapon of the peoples.

Internationalist struggles against nationalism, fascism, intolerance and sovereign wars, 
overthrowing state and capitalist barbarism, social revolution, anarchy and communism.


Saturday 26 May, 12pm, Post Office-Larissa

  anarchist collectivity Vogliamo tutto e per tutti


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The Federation Anarchist Organization Project organized by the Anarchist Network - this 
year will be held again in Rijeka. The program consists of discussions, socializing, flea 
market, fair of anarchist and related distributions, lunch and introduction to Rijeka, and 
it is conceived so that the sympathetic public learn more about the anarchist movement, 
its ideas, experiences and suggestions. Welcome to the festival! ---- FRIDAY (Basement - 
Former Molecule, Ivex Building) ---- 19:30 - 21: 00h Discussion on squatting and public 
spaces ---- SATURDAY (Palach, Kružna ulica 8) ---- 10:00 - 17: 00h Buvljak bez novca ---- 
10:00 - 17: 00h Anarchist and related distribution fair ---- 12:00 - 13: 00h Tourist tour 
in Rijeka ---- 14:00 - 15:00 Lunch (Food, not weapon) ---- 15:30 - 17: 00h Discussion 
(Anarchism in general / current on the go) ---- 18: 00h Closing the official part of the 
program / socializing

FB event

"Since the last Anarch period, three years have passed. Since then everything has changed, 
and everything else remains the same. People went abroad, the government fell to the 
right. The village is empty, the field of desert. People are angry and confused. 
Hierarchy, repression and chaos of capitalism everywhere around us, except in us. In that 
darkness it is difficult to glow. But a grain of grain - a cake. Candle Candle - Fire. On 
the ruins of old g we are doing new. The seeds of hope have already been planted, and we 
now have to keep it, to grow into a powerful tree, which will be further branched into the 
(non) foreseeable directions of human evolution. By mutating, by showing an example, and 
by organizing, we provide the flow of water (information) to the root of this growing 
anarchist tree of the invented name of Principius Slobodaris.

In strength and will, we invite all interested liberals, anti-governors, trade unions, 
marginalists and rebels with a reason to join us in the collective practice of the Free 
Society. "