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zaterdag 3 april 2021

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Today's Topics:

1.  Greeece, APO: The newspaper Germinal is published in a few
      days [machine translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)
2.  solidaridad obrera MADRID METRO SECTION: NOTICE 32/2021
      THE UNEMPLOYED. (ca)
      [machine translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)
3.  UK, anarchist communist ACG: Time to Organise! Time to Win!
      Victory for cleaners can inspire future battles 
4.  UK, AFED, organise magazine: Flowers and Batons | Current
      Events (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)
5.  Slovenia, Anarchist Initiative Ljubljana: Rogoversery
      Rogolution: They took our Rog, we will take the city!                      [machine
      translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)
6.  ait russia: "Yellow Vests": the anniversary of the Commune
      and the 123rd act of protest[machine translation]
 7.  Poland, Worker Initiative ozzip: Support for the Commission
      of Porters and Security Staff [machine translation]
8.  France, UCL AL #314 - Analysis: the troubled roots of the
      French republic (ca, de, it, fr, pt)[machine translation]
 9.  Czech, AFED: Buric 2/2021 - Review of another issue of an
      anarchist magazine from Slovakia [machine translation]


Message: 1

In a few days, the first issue of Germinal will be released on the streets of the
race, in self-managed spaces, squats and hand-to-hand distributions. Newspaper
for the dissemination of anarchist thought and action. ---- Germinal is the month
of spring according to the French revolutionary calendar. It started on March 21
and ended on April 19.  Germen in Latin means seed. This seed of freedom and the
hope for a better and fairer world was also described by Emile Zola in his novel
of the same name in 1885. We also carry this hope in our hearts. ---- A name is
just a name, but we do not forget that the same name was used by comrades in the
city of Patras, two decades ago, to express their own political positions and
concerns through an anarchist magazine. The same name to express the same
unbridled desire for freedom has been used a few times by comrades
internationally, over the years. From Rudolf Rocker's first attempt in 1900 to
recent examples of anarchist inspections, collectives, libraries, groups and
possibly others we ignore.

We are constantly referring to this -many times inaccessible and undefined-
history and we are serving the same struggle today.

The struggle for social revolution, anarchy and libertarian communism!



Message: 2

RENTAL CAMPAIGN 2020 ---- As of next April 5, the new Income Declaration campaign
begins and as in previous years, from the Solidaridad Obrera union section we are
at your disposal to make the declaration of all those affiliates who request it.
For this and due to the situation we are experiencing at the moment, we have
enabled an email address, where you can request a telephone appointment, which
will be the safest means to make it, in addition to being able to send the
necessary papers to this email address to prepare said Income Statement. The
e-mail address where to request an appointment and send documents is:

As we have been doing for some years now, we continue to collaborate with:

They, autonomously and self-organized, and with support like ours, are able to
carry out this work day by day and give real meaning to the word SOLIDARITY.
These tireless supporters who are the ones who always are, can only get our
recognition, respect and admiration.

We write these lines to thank the affiliates, supporters and other supporters who
are participating actively and regularly in the campaign to support this platform.


They are currently covering more than 800 families , offering donations of menus
that belong to soup kitchens that cannot be opened, covering different hygiene
needs of the home and staff, and continuing to claim these needs directly with
the political interlocutors. The companions who with this commitment recover the
social fabric are the necessary path to follow. We live with some realities that
have been visualized in these days, and that have also worsened.

Support account from the Metro de Madrid Worker Solidarity Section:

IBAN: ES31 2038 1807 1060 0061 6942

Madrid on March 20th, 2021

By Solidaridad Obrera

The Union Board




Message: 3

If you fight, you may lose. If you don't fight, you always lose. But if you fight
with determination to win, and if you are in control of your fight, the victory
is all the more likely and all the sweeter. ---- Cleaners at the prestigious La
Retraite Roman Catholic Girls' school in South London, organising with the
grassroots United Voices of the World union, have won a 24% pay rise, full sick
pay in line with teaching staff and the repayment of lost wages following an
earlier Section 44 walk out over health and safety concerns. The outsourced,
entirely migrant, workforce had begun a 40 Day ‘Lenten' strike (40 days and 40
nights) on March 16th whilst their union threatened to sue the employer for
institutional racism over their flouting of the 2010 Equalities Act with regard
sick pay. The school, no doubt concerned over its public image, buckled.

This is undoubtedly a great result, the news of which should be made widely known
amongst workers everywhere. Workers can defend themselves if they are ready to
fight, determined to win and, very importantly, in charge of their own struggle.
The United Voices of the World is a small, combative, grassroots union with a
horizontal organisational structure and an emphasis on collective direct action
that organises low-paid, migrant and precarious workers in London. Most workers
in low-paid and precarious work are either unorganised or ‘organised' in trade
unions that are happy to take their membership subs but have little interest in
fighting for better conditions and equality. The union, for these workers, is a
distant ‘service' that does nothing unless pushed. It is the opposite of the
workers' self-organisation that is needed to stage a successful fightback,
whether at a local or global level.

The task before us is to build militant networks of working class
self-organisation involving rank and file committees in unionised workplace,
fighting unions like the UVW and solidarity organisations that can mobilise
resistance outside workplaces as well as within.

Victories like that at La Retraite give us inspiration but organising ourselves
will give us power!

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Message: 4

"Never seen anything like it. We were charged at down the street by multiple
charging horses and police with dogs. Continuous beatings from the cops, extreme
violence. They were literally punching peaceful people who were sitting down,
with shields and trampling them. Spoke to someone who saw a woman on the floorget
her jacket ripped off her and her hair pulled while coppers laughed and shoved
her, they told her to run away while laughing." - Protester ---- Yesterday around
150 people gathered on College Green to protest the Trespass elements of the the
Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill. When the cops came in they acted
exactly as the politicians and press insisted they should; no fighting back, no
criminal damage, calm and passive. It did nothing to curtail hours of vicious
police violence.

The Bill has many terrible elements, one of the worst is the attempt to
effectively criminalise Gypsy, Roma, and Travellers. People in these groups
already face widespread discrimination, violence, and attacks on their way of
life from the government. The new criminalisation of trespass will also target
other van dwellers, rough sleepers, squatters, ramblers, protest camps and more.
It was a mixture of these groups and supporters of them who took to College
Green, tents in hand, to voice their opposition and support the movement to

College Green has hosted numerous overnight protest camps before, focusing on
homelessness, housing issues, and inequality. Its owners, Bristol Cathedral, have
usually been happy to host them, provided they clean up after themselves. For the
first five hours this camp felt like many of those before it. It was relaxed, and
despite the clear political messages it had a ‘festival vibe'. Police were
present throughout this time, but in contrast to Sunday evening they seemed to be
hanging back and being ‘hands off', however this wouldn't last.

Reports began circulating at around 7.30pm that police were building up numbers
near by, and they just didn't seem to stop. Ten vans, then fifteen, then twenty,
then we lost count. The van markings showed they were drafted in from at least
four police forces, each van has a capacity of 12 officers, so for the number of
people sat on the Green this was overkill to say the least. At 10pm, supported by
mounted units, dogs, a drone and a helicopter, the vans pulled up the protest and
endless lines of police in riot gear surrounded the protest camp blocking off
side streets.

As the riot police moved in people were mostly sat on the ground, or still in
their tents. Many had there arms raised chanting ‘peaceful protest'. These chants
were either ignored, or seen as a sign of a vulnerable target as the police
stormed in. They lashed out bashing peoples heads with their batons and shields,
punching out, letting dogs bite at protesters limbs, and making repeated
dangerous cavalry charges. They trashed everything and everyone they came into
contact with, tearing up banners, smashing tents, and even trampling through the
memorial to Sarah Everard and other murdered women.

What followed was chaos. Police shouted contradictory orders, as they attempted
to both split up and kettle different groups, numerous protesters were taken away
in ambulances, and police made arrests seemingly at random. Groups of protesters
were forced in various directions. One of around 50 or so found themselves on
Deanery Road with riot police all around them. Hoping for a reprieve they sat
back down, chanting ‘peaceful protest', ‘shame on you', and ‘this is what a
police state looks like'. Despite the face they were clearly no threat police
once again charged in with horses, followed swiftly by batons. This pattern
repeated itself all the way down the road, protesters would stop sit, and even
lay out flowers, police would respond with violence. By the early hours of the
morning the streets were empty, the last protesters having been arrested one by
one, taken to hospital, or dispersed into the night.

The coverage of the protest in the press has been much more balanced this time
round. There are a few reasons for this. Partly the lack of fight back means
there are no exciting looking pictures of fire, or videos of protesters pushing
back against police lines. However one key point may be how the police treated
the journalists present on the ground. Reporters from both The Cable and Bristol
24/7 harassed by the police despite making their status as journalists clear
(video footage). Some outlets will still try and put a pro-police or faux-neutral
spin on things, notably the BBC clearly had a word with their points west
journalist who initially said ‘it was peaceful before the police arrived' and
then deleted his tweet and video footage.

A link preview for the now deleted tweet by a BBC Journalist
This new bill is dangerous not just because it gives the police new legal powers.
They've never let a lack of legal powers stop them before, from illegal mass
arrests, unlawful violence, and misuse of existing powers. I've seen them use
existing anti-protest law to limit the location of a protest by declaring five
people on a road side with placards a risk of "serious public disorder, serious
damage to property or serious disruption to the life of the community". It's
dangerous because it clearly sets out how the government want to shape the
country, and how they want the police to behave to enable them to do so. They
want to create an authoritarian nightmare. To stop them we need to stand together
and challenge them, whether or not the bill passes, we have to continue to defy
them together.

There are numerous tactics and styles of protest we can carry out, whatever we
choose it is clear that the police and government are willing to meet any
effective protest with extreme violence. We have to be resilient, supportive of
each other, smart, and prepared for anything. As one protester told us last night
"this isn't the end, it's the beginning".

We have seen anonymous calls for another #KillTheBill protest this Friday, 4pm on
College Green ?

Article written by one of Bristol Anarchist Federation, after compiling reports
from AFed members, other protesters, and independent journalists. Feel free to
use all or part of it, unless you are working for The Daily Mail or The Sun, in
which case go fuck yourself. Cheers.

If you or anyone you know was arrested, witnessed an arrest, or is concerned they
may be arrested contact Bristol Defendant Solidarity for help. Remember, always
‘no comment' until you've spoken to a GOOD solicitor.

If you want to join in the struggle, get in touch with AFed, BDS, Bristol Cop
Watch, Sisters Uncut, Green Anti-capitalist Front, Solfed, IWW, Earth Strike,
Resist Anti-Trespass, Bristol Trespass, or just a group of sound mates. Keep an
eye on our social media for more how-to guides on staying safe and effective at
demos in the coming weeks.

Orginally posted on www.afed.org.uk



Message: 5

This week we would be celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Rog Autonomous
Factory. But since we have nowhere to go, we will celebrate all over the city.
---- In the last year the pandemic has shown us exactly how damaging and
antisocial the politics of neoliberalism implemented both at the state and local
level are, as they contribute to the ever increasing distress of the majority of
the people. To a handful of decision-makers and their networks however, the
crisis proved to be a great opportunity to promote their private interests. After
a full year of the corona pandemic it has thus become clear that despite the
economic crisis the political and financial establishment have prospered, gained
even more power and support of the repressive apparatus in order to stifle
protests and popular rebellion.

Moreover, the municipality of Ljubljana assessed that in cahoots with the
right-wing government and its subordinated police force it could finally execute
the erasure of the Rog Autonomous Factory despised by both the state and
municipal governments due to its critical views and non-conformism. A crisis, be
it the corona pandemic or any other, always provides an opportunity to the
powers-that-be to carry out sneaky manoeuvres which they hope will pass
undetected in the shadow of the general social distress. But despite that or
rather precisely due to that we intend to keep pointing out the destructive
capitalist governance of the mayor Zoran Jankovic and the municipality which has
proven to be risky and aimless.

Let us recall what the Ljubljana city center looked like during the first
coronavirus wave - an area with no people as there were no tourists nor employees
to serve them. This ghost town experience highlighted the uselessness of building
up tourist infrastructure that is not aimed at local citizens even though it was
built by public funding. It became clear that Ljubljana's dependence on tourism
was a misguided strategy, since such an orientation leads to insecurity,
lingering on from one crisis to the next, increasing underpayment and
unemployment, and exploitation of precarious labour.

Despite all of that the city government continues to follow its vision of
elitization and ‘purification' of the city. Any surface, regardless how small, is
used for constructing elite blocks of luxurious apartments, while the majority of
citizens can hardly make ends meet due to skyrocketing rents, underpaid jobs and
unemployment. Many people even had to move back in with their parents who, in
another era, had better opportunities to achieve a decent standard of living.
Huge amounts of public funding go into ‘cleaning' the city and erasing any
expression of disagreement with such policies, which included also the Rog AF.
But the municipality is only preoccupied with the appearance of prosperity - it
is imperative to build. But for whom? To make business with ‘loyal' companies and
construction speculators and to enrich investors, all of which leads to
increasing gentrification of city areas from which regular citizens are being
aggressively pushed out. They treat us like dumpsters: removing us and
positioning us out of sight of rich visitors - be it underground or in the suburbs.

It is also becoming increasingly clear that during this year living in Ljubljana
has transformed into a permanent crisis made even worse by the grip of the
repressive apparatus and its tentacles. Never before were there so many
policemen, agents, inspectors, security and bouncers in the streets who sanction
and normalize institutional violence and take care of any opposition to either
municipal or state government. Never before was the control of our lives and
behaviour so widespread and deep. It has become impossible to avoid it, as the
regulations of ‘appropriate' or ‘responsible' conduct change on a daily basis.
For many citizens Ljubljana has become unbearable. This limiting of freedom and
increasing the jurisdiction of government, economic and housing crisis,
demolition of public space, control and punishment in the streets, disciplining
and repression need to stop.

Freedom and justice are not simply a gift to be received, therefore we must find
courage and invent new creative ways to win them back. Access to the city and
joyful dwelling in it is our shared struggle. The Rog members remain in the
frontline, despite the government's violence unleashed upon us during the last
two months. We decided again to put the judiciary to the test as well, while
staying on the streets of Ljubljana and other towns with all of those who feel
the need to resist the seemingly normalized everyday tyranny of the
powers-that-be. We won't let them take away the joy of living in a city of
diversity, rainbows and differently different people. Only united we can fight
this battle for equality of all, for a community without repressive relationships
and for limitless creativity of working and dwelling.

United in resistance!



Message: 6

At the call of a group from Montreuil, the yellow vest movement in France
celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune. This topic became the main
topic at the 123rd weekly "protest" throughout the country. However, as usual,
other topics were raised: social justice, the fight against police violence and
repressive laws, resistance against lockdowns and restrictions on freedoms under
the pretext of "fighting the epidemic", etc. ---- Some protests at roundabouts
and parking lots took place on the day of the commune - March 18 (Montreuil,
Albertville, Laura in Aveyron, Lambal-Armor ...). On Saturday, March 20, numerous
demonstrations were held. ---- In Paris, the "yellow vests" protesting against
police violence began to gather at 11.00, and at 13.00 moved from the esplanade
of the Inchalid Palace to the Luxembourg Gardens, as usual, surrounded by
gendarmes and police. In parallel, other protests were organized in the French
capital: a standing demonstration at the Fountain of the Innocent in Châtelet,
announced by the Freedom March initiative; The march of families of victims of
police violence and opponents of the "security" law (at 13.00 from Place Rostand
to Place de la Bastille) ...

Demonstrations and protests (partly with the participation of "yellow vests")
were held in Bordeaux (13.12; Exchange Square), Brest (13.30; Strasbourg Square),
Lille (14.00; Paris Gate), Lyon (14.00; National Folk Theater in Viljourban),
Marseille (14.99; Old Port), Nice (14.00; Garibaldi Square), Rennes (13.30;
Charles de Gaulle's esplanade), Rouen (14.30; Palais des Justice), Strasbourg
(13.00; Republic Square), Toulon (14.00; Theater Square), Annecy, Besançon,
Clermont-Ferrand, Dijon, Le Mans, Mulhouse, Poitiers, Tarbet,
Villefranche-de-Loraghe, etc.



Message: 7

A dump on the Portierek and Security Workers Committee of the OZZ Employee
Initiative has been launched on the websiterzutka.pl. ---- The commission of
doormen and security staff of OZZIP is not an easy task. The security industry in
Poland still enjoys impunity on the part of the Ministry of the Interior, which
without hesitation grants concessions to every thief, if he calls himself an
entrepreneur. Security companies are often managed by former high-ranking police
officers. Enterprises with the worst reputation, applying illegal standards, can
count on generous contracts both in elite private facilities, as well as in local
government and state institutions. The lack of payments for the work done in this
industry is just the tip of the iceberg. Despite the fact that we perform tasks
that completely meet the definition of work, bosses force junk contracts, which
strip us of the right to paid holidays and sickness.

Nevertheless, the relationship develops and is successful. From October to
January this year. The commission of doormen and security staff of OZZ IP has
already recovered a total of 187,000 zlotys of overdue wages from dishonest
bosses directly to the hands of employees. Thus, approximately 14,000 hours of
unpaid work performed in private and public facilities in Warsaw and other cities
were paid thanks to the unification of employees in one commission, solidarity
and readiness to take protests.

If you want to support the fight of doormen and security guards, we encourage you
to participate in the screenshot on this committee. The collected funds will help
in the creation and printing of union materials, will allow you to use legal
support and launch emergency benefits for defrauded employees in the most
difficult situation.



Message: 8

Since the horrific assassination of Samuel Paty by the Islamist far right, a
tidal wave has been expressed to defend the "Values of the Republic". It is in
their names that the separatism law has just been voted, with the complicity of a
part of the left (PS, PCF, Greens...). This law which stigmatizes Muslims and
strongly restricts freedom is however far removed from the egalitarian
conceptions supposed to be at the base of the "Republic". What are its values the
name of ? ---- In France, the notion of republic has become for a large part of
the political field a synonym of the term of "nation", assimilating the
"Republic" to an "eternal France". We have to wonder about this notion of
Republic to which we would all be all supposed to swear allegiance and which
would defend freedom, equality and France at the same time.

A quick review of the news shows us that the present republican regime is
relatively incompatible with equality and freedoms. The level of inequality is
constantly rising as the incomes of the richest explode. Likewise, security laws
are expanding as law enforcement becomes brutalized. In addition, since 2016, we
have spent more time in an emergency state than in a "normal" state. Therefore,
how to explain that the values of the Republics are defended in an almost
frenzied way by the defenders of order, totally out of step with a reality of
freedom and inequality? This defense seems somewhat hypocritical, if not
bordering on tartufferie ...

Far from the people, the Republic is bourgeois
First of all, what is the Republic? This term comes from the Latin res publica ,
or "public thing". This means that the political regime is in the public domain
and theoretically that political choices are everyone's business. The regime of
the Republic is opposed to the monarchy, whether absolute or parliamentary ...
The term republic is therefore not synonymous with a "liberal democracy" -
certain parliamentary monarchies such as Great Britain or the Netherlands are
parliamentary democracies. Other republics are totally authoritarian regimes
ruled with an iron fist by an autocrat such as Belarus. France is supposed to be
a "democracy- and is more or less synonymous with a Republic guaranteeing public
freedoms, although this qualifier is becoming more and more questionable.

Far from emerging from revolutionary struggles, the republican regimes in France
were built against the popular classes. The republican regime is set up during a
popular revolution allying large fractions of the bourgeoisie to the popular
classes. Very quickly, while the bourgeois organizations consolidate their power
and the popular classes are restless, very strong repression and massacres put an
end to popular aspirations. It is a bourgeois republic based on the defense of
the capitalist order which is being established, a republic of the owners ...

This is the case during the First Republic, proclaimed on August 10, 1792 during
the French Revolution. At the beginning, the Parisian people put popular demands
at the center and put pressure on the Assembly to satisfy demands that were both
economic and democratic. After two years, Thermidor's coup d'état puts the bar on
the right and crushes the aspirations of the sans-culottes in blood, setting up a
moderate and bourgeois regime: the Directory.

This pattern is found during the establishment of the Second Republic in 1848.
After having conquered power in February 1848 with the support of the Parisian
workers, in June the republican army crushes in blood an insurrectionary movement
demanding more equality social. The savage repression of General Cavaignac killed
several thousand in the ranks of the Parisian workers and sounded the death knell
for the hopes of a social republic for the benefit of the party of order.

In 1870, when the Third Republic was born from the defeat of Napoleon III against
Prussia, similar events took place. In March 1871, the Paris Commune was created,
which intended to replace a free federation of municipalities based on direct
democracy and economic equality for the bourgeois republic. The Third Republic
was built on the bloody crushing of the Paris Commune and its aspirations: more
than 25,000 dead and thousands of people were deported so that this regime could
see the light of day.

This type of crushing was reproduced on a smaller scale during the Liberation.
While the employers discredited themselves by collaborating with Nazism, the
Fourth Republic seemed to be on the far left, but very quickly the Communists
were ejected from the government and the workers' strikes of the winter of 1947
were bloodily suppressed, making several deaths. By the way, the GMRs, shock
troops of the Vichy regime (melted into the CRS), resume service, which will give
birth to the famous slogan CRS = SS.

The various republics are not based only on crushing the demands of the popular
classes in the metropolis, they are also developing on the subordination and
imperialism of the colonies. It was the Third Republic that built most of the
French colonial Empire, at the cost of millions of deaths.

The Republic rhymes with colonialism and imperialism
Finally, it is also the defense of colonialism and imperialism which is at the
origin of the regime that France is currently experiencing. The Algerian War
stumbled the Fourth Republic, and it was a coup that put De Gaulle in power in
1958. It was under the threat of a parachutist attack pro French Algeria that De
Gaulle took the lead. government and changes the Constitution to create the Fifth
Republic. If the general quickly gets rid of his embarrassing supporters, it is
to better preserve French interests and to set up neocolonialism in many African
countries which are becoming formally independent but remain subject to French
imperialism. Let us recall that France still derives the major part of its energy
supply from its "old »Colonies (Algerian gas, uranium from Niger and Gabonese oil).

These different historical elements show that the Republic is not a regime
defending equality and freedom which could have been misled along the way. On the
contrary, the French republican regime has for constant to be a regime in the
service of a dominant class. The Republic is what happened when the aspirations
of the popular classes were crushed in blood, as were the aspirations for freedom
of the colonized peoples. To this extent, a libertarian communist revolution will
not be republican but on the contrary will build a federation of free communes
which will replace the bourgeois and colonialist republic.

Matt (UCL Montpellier)



Message: 9

In a review of the first issue of the anarchist magazine from southwestern
Slovakia, Buric, I expressed the hope that a new issue would appear soon, and now
I am surprised to see that it is already here. According to the editorial, it was
planned for May, but it is already published in March - as a rule, it is the
other way around for similar publications and they are rather delayed. ----
Although it is no longer written about the plan to establish the Slovak Anarchist
Federation, we can read about specific plans at the local level. Perhaps such a
procedure is the best - first to build a project that creates a certain
background for the movement, to inspire and only then, on the basis of the
responses, to start creating a federal structure. Pretty bottom up. And what is
it all about? The autonomous group publishing Buric plans to launch a project of
the Malatesta info shop, ie a library, archive and distribution of radical
literature. There are already several older publications in the magazine.

The magazine contains texts from the history and practice of the anarchist
movement. Well-known figures are introduced here, such as the anarcho-syndicalist
Rudol Rocker (1873-1958) or the anarchist and educator Francisco Ferrer
(1859-1909). From the anarchist classic Mikhail Bakunin (1814-1876), you can read
what about natural and unnatural authority. In the article, which is a Slovak
translation of the text that was originally published on our website, readers can
learn something about the practice of guerrilla gardening, its various forms and
its historical predecessors. Finally, you can immerse yourself in an excerpt from
the essay "Against Suicidal Capitalism" by the recently deceased anarchist and
anthropologist David Graeber (1961-2020), which some may have read in Czech as
part of the book Revolution , published in 2014 by Broken Books in Olomouc.

Just a thicket!

Buric No. 2/2021. 161% information periodical. 26 pages A5. Download HERE

Contact: buric[a]riseup.net.



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