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dinsdag 28 september 2021

#WORLD #WORLDWIDE #AFGHANISTAN #IRAN #ANARCHISM #News #Journal #Update - (en) anarkismo.net: What is happening in Afghanistan? by Companions from Afghanistan and Iran

 Companions from Afghanistan and Iran attending the Solidarity With Migrants

Assembly on the situation in Afghanistan. ---- Imperialism kills more people
every day than any pandemic ---- Since World War I, colonial European states and
the United States have launched a relentless campaign of criminal imperialist
intervention in West Asia. ---- From the military attacks, the occupations, the
coups, the famines, the sanctions, the economic pressures and the political
interventions for the establishment of submissive puppet governments we can
conclude that the people of this region have not experienced peace for over a
century. The imperialist countries have drawn borders and established
nation-states such as the criminal occupying state of Israel. They constructed
and ignited religious conflicts where they did not exist. With every available
method of destabilization, these imperialist countries have turned a secular and
peaceful region into one of the most unstable and chaotic places in the world.

Afghanistan is no exception in this historical context. After the invention of
the country in the early 20th century, different ethnic groups, languages and
religions were violently compressed within a common space. The aforementioned
differences have continued to be instrumentalized in conflicts and wars. Located
between the USSR and China, Afghanistan acquired a critical geopolitical role
during the Cold War. From 1979 to 1988, more than 10 states were involved in the
proxy war between the Eastern and Western blocs. For almost 10 years, the USSR
and the Afghan government fought against the United States, Pakistan and a number
of European and Arab countries, a war that cost more than 1 million lives. The
origins of the Taliban date back to that period, when the western blocs formed
and supported Islamist groups to fight against the communists. After 1988, the
United States continued to train and support the Taliban until the latter
conquered the entire country and formed their own government in 1996.

During their five-year rule, the Taliban committed every crime that could be
committed against the Afghan people while the "free world" kept silent; opponents
(and those who simply refused to follow them) as well as destruction of
historical heritage sites. All this time, millions of Afghans @ left the country
and went to Iran, Turkey and Europe. There are currently more than 6 million
Afghan refugees in Iran alone.

In 2001, the United States and NATO invaded Afghanistan under the guise of "war
against the Taliban." They killed thousands of innocent people, set up military
bases and looted all natural resources and wealth through hundreds of deals with
Western companies. While exploiting the work of the Afghan people, no attempt was
made to establish longer-term economic and industrial infrastructure. Now, after
20 years of occupation and looting, the US and NATO have left nothing but
scorched earth and the Taliban again. in charge.

Political violence against women

As long as the US and NATO were preparing their attack on Afghanistan, one of
their main propaganda groups was the "liberation of women". For those 20 years[of
the occupation], of course, women continued to be murdered, stoned and burned at
the stake. The hijab obligation and social and economic bans continued to exist
even under the supervision of NATO and its subordinate Afghan government. Even
women who worked in the military, in political institutions and in government did
not escape these prohibitions.

Now that the Taliban are back, the precious rights and freedoms of Afghan women,
things that had been won through struggle over the years, are gone again.

Poverty and drugs

Afghanistan is not a poor country. The natural landscape, the resources and the
excellent agricultural conditions make it a country of great economic prospects.
Nevertheless, the people remain poor. For many years, the country's economy
relied on poppy cultivation and the export of opium produced to neighboring
countries. This situation not only continued during the American occupation but
spread, industrialized and became capitalist. Many young Afghans lost their lives
because of this deadly business at a time when puppet government officials and
their families were getting rich every day. On the other hand, US and NATO
propagandists are talking about the trillions spent in Afghanistan. Where did all
this money go? They were channeled into American and multinational corporations,
arms dealerships, military installations, security services, and mining
companies. In fact, the money came from one leg to the other.

And now;

The Taliban control most of the country and the presence of ISIS and Al Qaeda
remains. These organizations, as well as the rest of the CIA masterminds, have
destabilized and destroyed the entire region we call the Middle East. Power was
handed over to the Taliban by the puppet government of Afghanistan, which simply
followed US orders.[The current regime]has the support of Pakistan, Turkey,
Qatar, the US and all European countries. They have agreements with Russia, China
and Iran, which believe the Taliban regime will do them better than the US and
NATO occupiers. The people of Afghanistan are alone. People are leaving cities,
villages, their own country. But they have nowhere to go.

For the revolt of the people of Afghanistan;


TO STOP capitalist exploitation and plundering


dissolve the patriarchal imperialist CAPITALISM

-syntrofia from Iran and Afghanistan // Solidarity with Migrants

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