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dinsdag 21 september 2021

#WORLD #WORLDWIDE #CZECH #ANARCHISM #News #Journal #Update - (en) #Czech, #AFED: A3: Is it worth #voting (evil)? [machine translation]

 Participation in elections is a manifestation of political passivity. You will

not find real change and dignity at the ballot box. Download, print and
distribute the September issue of the A3 wall newspaper! ---- It's everywhere.
Absolute pre-election chatter of politicians, and if we are looking for a lot, a
lot, so are politicians. Their faces on billboards with slogans that don't really
mean anything. If we look at them, they have no meaning for an ordinary person,
nothing will change for him. ---- But a large number of politicians know that
they have to offer something to people who have lost a lot of certainty during
the thirty years of building capitalism and, above all, a kind of sense of
dignity. One thing is certain: they cannot offer them the true dignity that
people have of having a real influence on what's going on around them, that they
don't have to crawl in front of bosses and let themselves enjoy everything, that
they have some control over the results of their work, that they don't have to
crouch before an all-encompassing bureaucratic system... And so politicians only
offer substitutes for dignity, which are based on the rejection of others,
usually weaker and even more miserable. Let us not expect them to ensure our
dignity based on the possibility of managing our lives freely without constant
hesitation, whether to submit to the demands of the capitalist system and the
state bureaucracy, or to starve, or get hurt by a police baton. Politicians
cannot even provide anything like this, as they would deny a system in which they
can parasitize on the efforts of workers. The system would not allow them to do
so, even in their best will, as such dignity can only be taken by the people
themselves by building a system for which they are only cheap labor on the one
hand and obedient consumers on the other. That is why anarchists and anarchists
always repeat the motto on the occasion of elections: If elections could change
something, they would have banned them long ago. for which they are only cheap
labor on the one hand and obedient consumers on the other. That is why anarchists
and anarchists always repeat the motto on the occasion of elections: If elections
could change something, they would have banned them long ago. for which they are
only cheap labor on the one hand and obedient consumers on the other. That is why
anarchists and anarchists always repeat the motto on the occasion of elections:
If elections could change something, they would have banned them long ago.

The most proven substitute for dignity is nationalism. It is enough to force
people to be part of a whole, but it is very disparate, because it includes both
a minority of those who command and a majority of those who are forced to listen.
And it is not difficult to guess in whose favor such a state exists. And so the
Social Democrats boast that no refugee has come here because of their
participation in the government. According to these antisocialists, refugees are
not people and interpersonal solidarity is a foul word. The other parties have
the same opinion, but at least they don't call themselves "social". Nationalism
is the basis of politics and of such communists, who do what they can to keep a
billionaire prime minister in power, in whose factories none of them would like
to work. The Prime Minister with his "movement" YES (what kind of movement is it
when it was founded and run by one person?) Again, although a foreigner himself,
he swears at foreigners and takes on the role of defender against the European
Union, from whose funds he likes and draws richly into his own pockets. Extreme
fascist parties such as the SPD or Tricolor are, of course, extreme in the
political hate trade.

Another trick on voters and trying to substitute for dignity is to call for
change. The Together coalition, made up of years by the profaned right-wing ODS,
KDU-CSL and TOP 09 in these elections, is a champion in this election. it does
not offer, but only a right-wing conservative policy of austerity to the poor and
privileges for the already privileged.

Then there are the parties that look progressive. But the Pirates, despite the
proclaimed image of young transparent enthusiasts who want "change", do not hide
the fact that they have long since become a classic party with their
behind-the-scenes politicking and internal party cliques, through which no one
can push through. And if someone were looking for a fresh wind in a marginal
party like the Left, they would not resist the feeling of vomiting in its defense
of the state capitalist dictatorship in Cuba. Meanwhile, every party that ever
went to the polls with an anti-corruption program ended up being thoroughly
corrupt, so why trust Šlachta (who, like Babiš, doesn't know what the word
movement means), whose wet dreams revolve around the courts of unlimited police

Who is satisfied with the current situation, that is, with the capitalist system
based on the exploitation of people and the plunder of nature, goes to the polls.
Those who are dissatisfied have several options - to try to choose the least
evil, to resign and not to vote, or not to vote, but to start wondering how it is
possible to make a real change and achieve real dignity not only for yourself but
also for your community.

But it takes an active approach, connecting with others and starting to create a
policy from below that will not be in the grip of capitalist interests, because
it will stand outside them, and thus against them. Regarding the approach, it is
the same manifestation of political passivity whether you go to the polls or if
you resign what is happening to you and around you. But why choose a lesser evil?
Why choose evil at all?

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