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vrijdag 8 oktober 2021

#WORLD #WORLDWIDE #COLOMBIA #MEDELLIN #ALLOUT #LGBTQ+ #Gay #News #Journal #Update - Friends, help me stop this torture ūüö®


Dear friends,

For years I practiced the so-called "conversion therapies" on LGBT+ youth. Today I ask you to help me put an end to these practices.

My name is Oscar, I am a gay man and I live in Medellin, Colombia.

In 2006, I came to an evangelical church seeking help after breaking up with my partner. The pastor found out about my breakup and took advantage of my emotional fragility to convince me that there was only one way to heal my pain: "stop" being gay.

Those were months of great anguish. I felt guilt and anger for not being able to "correct" myself. I was there for so long that I became convinced that I was an ex-gay.

As I was a "successful" case, I started practicing these "therapies" myself. I did it with more than 40 groups of young people.

Deep down, it was clear to me that these "therapies" were nonsense and I knew the pain they caused to those who went through them: anxiety, physical abuse, depression. It wasn't easy, but I decided to walk away and do the right thing: accept who I am and fight back against these abuses.

In two weeks, the All Out team is going to meet with members of the Colombian congress to ask them to act and protect LGBT+ people from "conversion therapies". If we collect thousands of signatures, they will know that there are many of us saying "enough" to these abuses.

Sign to protect LGBT+ people in Colombia from these dangerous practices!

The image shows an illustration of a red circle. Inside of the circle, there is a picture of a person's face showing only the upper half. The background has geometric figures. The text reads: no more conversion therapies in Colombia

"Conversion therapies" are not therapies, nor do they "convert" anyone.

The reality is that they are practices that often use violence and abuse to try to "change" people from being LGBT+.

And what's worse: "conversion therapies" are everywhere, camouflaged in spaces like churches or doctors' offices, making it difficult to identify and denounce them.

It was not easy to write this.  I decided to tell my story to demonstrate the seriousness of this issue in Colombia. Just as it happened to me, there are many LGBT+ people going through this torture right now and we must do something.

But a person's sexual orientation or gender identity is something that cannot be changed. Period. And trying to do so is a very painful thing that, many times, leads to irreparable damage.

Sign the petition to demand that the Colombian government passes a law banning these practices in Colombia!

Thank you so much for reading and joining in,


● Nothing to change: The fight against the so-called "conversion therapies", a torture for LGTBIQ+ persons – Revista Volc√°nicas, 06 October 2021 (In spanish)
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