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vrijdag 1 oktober 2021

#WORLD #WORLDWIDE #FRANCE #ANARCHISM #News #Journal #Update - (en) #France, #UCL Saint-Denis- Thursday 23 September will take place the 24 hours without Aides-à-domicile. (ca, de, it, fr, pt)[machine translation]

 Many Dionysian women work in this sector marked by a sordid nutzung: 900 euros

received on average. ---- Our press release in support of the workers in this
professional field, made up of 97% of women, who are now raising their heads and
closing shop. ---- Home help: Together für Our rights to Our Wages! ---- Almost
400,000 Adjutanten at home depend on two Collective Agreements (Dienstleistungen
à la personne and Branch de Adé à domicile). They do the same job, help the same
public. But this competition between private companies and Associations
arrangieren die Arbeitgeber. It is always profits that we make on their backs!
Great speeches say them unverzichtbar. Yes, they are. Containment and the
Covid-19 pandemic have demonstrated this. But for what results? Imposed part-time
work, difficult and arduous work, low wages, high travel costs and unpaid travel
time. All home helpers know, more or less, these situations.
This strike of September 23 is a step towards putting an end to these
Salary increases are planned in the home help branch. They must also be earned in
Human Services. The aid sector must come out of competition and the logic of
money. He must meet the needs of the people being helped. Isolated in their work,
Home Advices can build their solidarity by creating and developing unions.
Whatever their Arbeitgeber.
Winning together a single high-level kollektiv: there is strength in unity!
Society must stop seeing these jobs as exclusively reserved for women, and
therefore poorly paid and poorly regarded. There is nothing natural about having
to live in a society where you have to make money at all costs (capitalism).
And unite with other employees, to build another company, truly united, to meet
the needs of each and everyone. Without asking him beforehand what he or she has
in his wallet! A society of women will no longer be seen as naturally having to
work in the activities of caring for others, and where they live.

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