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woensdag 6 oktober 2021

#WORLD #WORLDWIDE #FRANCE #ANARCHISM #News #Journal #Update - (en) #France, #UCL AL #319 - Antipatriarchy, Home help: Return of the "female salary" ? (ca, de, it, fr, pt)[machine translation]

 From October, the salaries of 260,000 home helpers will be upset by an amendment

to their collective agreement. While we are celebrating 75 years of the
victorious mobilization against the legality of women's wages 1, it seems that
the rider in question is reintroducing it. Home helpers are one of the 10
professions bringing together half of the workers and the majority of low-paid
workers. ---- Female salary [1] ---- Signed by the CFDT, the CGT and FO and the
employers' unions, amendment n ° 43 to the collective agreement for the branch of
help, support, care and home services will apply to 1 stof October. It completely
replaces the part relating to the classification of jobs and the salaries
attached to them.

Each employee is assigned a coefficient, ie a number of points. The basic salary
will remain calculated by the following principle: the coefficient is multiplied
by the value of the point and by the amount of working time. If the coefficients
change and allow salary increases, what interests us here is the modification of
the valuation of diplomas, introduced by this rider.

 From now on, an employee who obtains a diploma recognized by the collective
agreement will see a supplement in the form of points added to her base salary.
Thus, with the diplomas of Auxiliary of social life or Assistant of family life,
she will have 11 more points. The additional salary will then be 11 points
multiplied by the value of the point (5.50 euros to date) and... by the amount of
working time (100%, 80%, etc.) ! This penalizes part-time employees. Home
helpers, who constitute the vast majority of employees in this branch, are 97 %
of women, for whom their working time is largely imposed part-time. The
collective agreement allows them, without their agreement being necessary, to
hire them for up to only seventy hours per month.

Rider 43 therefore amounts to devaluing the monetary recognition of their
diploma, and therefore their gross salary, by the imposed part-time work. Unlike
the management which is much more predominantly male and never in this situation.
Under the guise of an a priori neutral measure, this actually disadvantages women
compared to men for the monetary recognition of the diploma, because it is they
who are almost exclusively imposed part-time. Did the trade union federations
lack vigilance ?

The timing seems right
Because it is indeed a question here of a "female allowance" imposed on the wages
of the part-time qualified home helpers imposed. This amounts to saying that the
knowledge acquired with the diploma would only be implemented partially by
part-time employees ...

The moment seems ripe for the fight: home help workers are starting to be
reclassified in accordance with rider 43, their basic salary is at stake. The
first local conflicts have already emerged where employers are trying to
implement reclassifications at a discount.

These conflicts must be able to find a way to coordinate at the national level,
and then extend to the question of the abolition of the "part-time" allowance. A
good opportunity to link the feminist fight and the union fight. At a time when
the awareness of a resolute and long-term action for the unionization of
feminized sectors seems to be emerging.

Louise (UCL Saint-Denis) and Michel (UCL Vosges)

To validate

[1] In July 1946, the CGT obtained the abrogation of the legal possibility of "
female wages". This made it possible to apply a reduction in salary, up to 10 %,
to an employee compared to her male colleague, for the same position and the same

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