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zaterdag 2 oktober 2021

#WORLD #WORLDWIDE #UKRAINE #ANARCHISM #News #Journal #Update - (en) ait #russia: #Ukraine: Social and labor #protests in September [machine translation]

 As in previous months, there were episodic demonstrations of workers and

residents in the country against the manifestations and consequences of the
neoliberal course pursued by the authorities and capitalists - "optimization" and
savings in education, health care and utilities, non-payment of wages, worsening
working conditions, destruction of the environment ... ---- Dnipropetrovsk region
---- At the Pyatikhatka turnaround depot, the machinists defended their colleague
and declared an Italian strike . They refuse to accept faulty electric
locomotives into operation. In just one day, September 9, there were 8 such
locomotives. Another confrontation between the railway workers and the depot
management began in mid-August, when the driver Sergei Bondyuk refused to go on a
voyage on a faulty diesel locomotive. The authorities began to put pressure on
him, trying to fire him. On August 30, employees of the same locomotive depot
turned to the State Labor Service and law enforcement agencies with a complaint
about the violation by their superiors of the requirements of labor legislation
in terms of shift schedules.

Donetsk region

After the August protests of Sloviansk doctors, who held a rally near the
hospital and blocked the highway, the National Health Service of Ukraine
transferred 6 million hryvnia to pay off salary debts to doctors of Sloviansk

On September 23, in Mariupol, representatives of the parent committee of parents
whose children need treatment for the respiratory tract, grandparents,
representatives of the employees of the Aibolit children's sanatorium came to
demand that the children's sanatorium be preserved. The preschool sanatorium has
existed since the late 1960s.

Ivano-Frankivsk region

On September 2, teachers from 20 of the 26 schools went on strike in the Valley;
the educational process was stopped. The strike involved about 900 teachers, who
were outraged by the accumulated wage arrears in the amount of approx. UAH 20
million. Problems with salaries arose back in June and were the result of merger
and education "optimization" processes. Trade union bosses persuaded teachers to
suspend the strike, promising that the authorities would solve the problem by
September 20. They reported that as of September 3, they had already paid
vacation money to 18 schools. The teachers were also promised to pay the arrears
for August and the advance for September. The strike was ended.


On September 1, anarchist graffiti appeared on the walls of the city in memory of
the Russian anti-fascist Alexei Sutuga ("Socrates"), who died a year ago.

By September 14, the Bolt Food couriers' strike had been going on for 2 weeks .
The workers have been cut their wages by 50%, and in protest they turn off the
system every day at 14.00. They also require health insurance. The administration
of the platform does not recognize couriers as hired workers and considers them
to be "freelancers", which allows them to violate their rights.

Commentary of the lawyer of the NGO Labor Initiatives Georgy Sandul: "For the
first time in the modern history of our country, employees of the digital
platform resorted to such a method of protest, simply disconnecting from the
application at certain hours. In 2019, there were already protests by Glovo
couriers in Ukraine, but these were mostly street actions without blackouts. The
courier strike attracted serious attention and for several days became top news
in the leading national media, as well as attracted the attention of the
international press and organizations: for example, the Nigerian platform workers
union sent a letter of solidarity, which also has many complaints about Bolt.
This digital strike is a response to the digitalization of the world of work, in
which platforms (delivery, taxi and other services) are the subjects that
completely ignore labor law as a phenomenon. The company is already suffering
losses, because orders are not delivered on time, and restaurant chains are
losing profits, so a simple decision to coordinate and not go to work is, like in
the 19th and 21st century with its technologies, the most effective method of
protest. "

The strike continued at the end of September . The strikers pasted stickers and
leaflets in places where couriers congregated, urging them to join the demonstration.

Lviv region

On September 5, some members of the Ecological Platform and Black Banner took
part in an animal protection march in Lviv, campaigning against industrial animal
husbandry and promoting veganism.

The left - wing radical cooperative decided to engage in agriculture and invites
people who are ready to work on the land to the region

On September 24, the activists of the "Environmental Platform" went to the global
strike for climate . The demonstration on the streets of Lviv was held under the
slogans: "One planet - Earth, one value - life"; "Become a Vegan - Save the
Planet"; "Change the system, not the climate"; "Rebel, love, protect nature."
Activists and activists appealed, first of all, not to the authorities, but to
ordinary people, calling for a boycott of environmentally harmful production and
the products it produces.

Odessa region

On September 20, IDPs from Donbass, living in Odessa in an uninhabited house of
the KP "Obltransbud" they squatted, staged a protest demanding that the building
be supplied with light. They blocked the movement of cars along Pirogovsky lane.
People with children were constantly walking along the pedestrian crossing,
demanding to resume the electricity supply to the hostel, which had been turned
off about a week earlier. In their hands they held posters: "Our demand is to
turn on the light and conclude an agreement with us", "Are our children not worth
their lives?", "The government is lying" and "Pay attention to our problem."

An hour after the start of the protest, one of the protesters climbed onto the
window sill of the third floor window of the Odessa regional administration,
threatened to jump if they did not give light, and demanded the resignation of
the head of the regional administration. His action lasted for about an hour and
a half. Police, ambulance and rescuers arrived at the scene. During negotiations,
officials persuaded the protester to leave the window.

In the village of Kuchurgani, more than a hundred local residents blocked the
Chisinau-Odessa highway, walking all the time along the pedestrian crossing and
not letting cars pass. They protested against the introduction of distance
learning at a local school under the pretext of the coronavirus epidemic and said
that "distance learning" would lead to a sharp decline in the quality of
education. The media dubbed this protest a "quarantine riot ."

Sumy region

On August 13, near the building of the North-Eastern Interregional Directorate of
the Ministry of Justice in Sumy, a picket was held by about 100 former employees
of NGOs demanding to comply with a court decision on payment of wage arrears to
them for several months. In early September, reports came that the head of the
enforcement department had been arrested for abuse and that the debt to former
workers had been paid.
Ternopil region

On September 2, the parents of the students of the Chugaliv gymnasium twice
blocked the road in the center of Kremenets. They protested against the
transformation of the school into an elementary school by eliminating the high
grades. For some time, traffic was blocked; long "traffic jams" have formed. On
September 14, teachers and parents of students came to a session of the local
council in Kremenets and again tried to keep grades 5-9 not closed. One of the
teachers became ill after she started a hunger strike a week earlier. The
deputies promised to transfer the children to other schools and provide
transportation for them.

Kharkov region

On September 6, workers of the Kharkov aircraft plant held a protest marchin the
center of Kharkov and a meeting on Independence Square. The event was organized
by the official trade union. The plant is in deep crisis: it works 4 hours a
week, idle workers receive two-thirds of their wages. This was the second protest
action since April demanding to pay off the wage arrears. At the moment it is 260
million hryvnia. After a meeting with representatives of the management of the
enterprise on the territory of the plant, about 50 people marched to the regional
administration, where they handed over the demands of the acting. governor. He
promised to hold negotiations with the director and the trade union committee.
Some of the eyewitnesses on social networks criticized the official
"director-trade union" rally, recalling that such events are of a duty nature and
do not frighten anyone.

On September 9, about 50 people picketed the regional administration of
Kharkivgaz. The protesters came from Pesochin, Vysoky, Kamennaya Yaruga and other
settlements. The initiative group created by them approved the requirements for
the gas company. The picketers protested against cutting off the gas supply in
the region, followed by a new connection for an additional fee. People who were
outraged by the extortion were not allowed into the management of Kharkovgaz
under the pretext of "quarantine"

On September 10 and 17 , in front of the building of the Kharkiv National
University of Construction and Architecture, rallies of teachers and students
were held against joining the Kharkiv National University of Municipal Economy
within the framework of the "optimization". Protesters fear that after joining
the university, buildings will be taken away, the teaching system will change,
and many teachers will be fired.

"Without our consent, they want to merge us with another construction university
KNUMG (Beketov). We are categorically against this and are fighting it with all
our might. On behalf of students and on behalf of teachers, a letter was sent to
the Ministry of Education with a request to cancel this decision, but we need to
collect a certain number of signatures for its consideration. We cannot do this
on our own, because there are about 2000 of us, and we need to collect 25,000 "
Protesters say.

As the Kharkiv independent website "Assembly" comments , "savings are always and
almost exclusively at the expense of the most vulnerable and dependent layers of
the population. Therefore, it is important to control from below any agreement
between the administrations and remember that only student-teacher cooperation
serves as a reliable guarantee of the protection of their rights. and interests.
At the moment, a tense confrontation continues. "

On September 12, the anarcho-feminist group Bilkis took part in a march for the
rights of people with a "non-traditional" sexual orientation, forming a "black
bloc" and raising anti-police slogans.

A wave of night attacks swept across Kharkovto e-ticket replenishment terminals,
shop windows and arson of expensive cars. At least four terminals for
replenishing E-tickets have become victims in just three weeks of the new
academic year. On the night of August 30, such a device was hacked at Molochnaya,
the next night - at Ivanovka, the night of September 7 could not survive the
terminal at Moskalevskaya, and on the night of September 12 - already at
Academician Pavlov near the French Boulevard shopping and entertainment center.
In the spring, in three nights, two such devices were robbed in the city. In the
early hours of September 15, 6 cars burned down in Osnovyansky District - in the
parking lot at 170 Gagarina Avenue near Zernovaya. At the time of the arrival of
the firefighters, the Toyota RAV4 was completely engulfed in fire, causing damage
to two Toyota Camry, another RAV-4, as well as Daewoo Lanos and Hyundai IX.
Everyone has different degrees of damage.

Chernivtsi region

On September 9, residents of Khotin went to a protest , demanding that the road
at the entrance to the city be repaired. Protesters dumped dozens of tires they
brought by the side of the road and adopted a collective appeal against local
government inaction and embezzlement of funds.

On September 16, near the building of the regional administration in Chernivtsi,
a picket was held against the increase in gas tariffs, corruption, sabotage by
officials of the decision to open new sanatoriums and the failure to carry out
work to repair the road in Khotin.

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