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dinsdag 14 september 2021

#WORLD #WORLDWIDE #POLAND #ANARCHISM #News #Journal #Update - (en) #ANA - Fighting Catholics, Fascism and Fascist Catholics - An #Interview with the Anarchist Federation of Poland (ca, de, it, fr, pt)[machine translation]

 In this edition of our 'Plans for an Anarchist Future' series, we had the

pleasure of talking to the Polish Anarchist Federation (FA), which is doing an
amazing job federating various anarchist groupings in so-called Poland. In this
interview, they told us what they have organised, local activities, and what it's
like to fight against fascists and Catholics who try to delay people's rights in
the country. You can find them on twitter (twitter.com/PolishAnarchy), and on
their website (federacja-anarchistyczna.pl/). ---- What role do you intend to
play in the anarchist movement? ---- We are based locally in the city of Wroclaw,
but we look for contacts and advertise in smaller towns around us.

We want to contribute locally and globally with our experiences and ideas to all
the battles we are currently going through.

As we are working within our community, we are trying to radicalize the left in
our city towards anarchist ideas and practices and help other libertarian groups
in the city, as some of them may not have as much experience. As a result, we
created the KWW (Free Wroclaw Confederation) in order to create a system of
mutual collaboration.

Another point we are working on is related to the exchange of ideas with other
groups within the Polish territory and beyond.

How it works? Are they organized horizontally? Who makes the decisions?

We work horizontally in weekly meetings. We have some functions that are always
collectively reviewed and modified over time.

As a federation, how do your various groups federate and how do you encourage the
autonomy and self-management of each one?

As we are two federations, we have two ways of dealing with this that are more or
less similar.

In KWW (Free Confederation of Wroclaw), each group is autonomous, and we stay in
and around the city. Each group sends an agent with a mandate only to share the
group's decisions and confirm the agreements.

In the Anarchist Federation (FA), each group has two daily actions, as we are
autonomous and the reality in each city is very different, so the fronts of each
group can vary.

In fact, we have two meetings a year where each group sends one of its members.
As each member brings with them the points raised in the debate of their
collective, they cannot express their personal opinions in the large meetings,
which is where they share the opinions of the groups and confirm the agreements
made previously.

We have different groups and contacts, but unfortunately as the contacts are one
or two people, they don't have a "vote" place in the decisions as they don't
participate in groups yet. But they can express their opinions to the rest of the

They also have to create a "Cabinet" with other federations, which is a group of
communicators, one from each group.

Now we are working on the creation of Zielona Fala, which are groups of the
Anarchist Federation more focused on the ecological front.

How do you approach collaboration with other anarchist groups inside and outside

 From the inside, as we mentioned, we try to have good contact with the rest of
the groups, but unfortunately outside the territory called Poland we don't have
as many contacts with other groups - which is something we would definitely like
to change.

How do you interact with local communities?

Now via KWW, many of our militants are on different fronts. For example, we have
a 'Food Yes, Bombs No' group where we try to help anyone who is in need of food
or clothing.

In the Akcja Lokatorska group, we are organizing against evictions. With the
union of the ZSP[anarcho-syndicalist organization]we also do propaganda and
struggle in our work spaces.

As FA we are now more focused on Pro-Abortion acts, as the Catholic national
government in so-called Poland has banned abortion.

We are producing advertising, organizing acts and blocking, and spreading content
across the internet.

What problems do you face in Poland, and how are you dealing with these problems?

Nazis. We have to defend ourselves so we have to learn martial arts and take care
of each other at all times. Attacks may occur, as has already occurred in recent

As Polish society is more to the right, people are starting to miss the point of
the latest demonstrations and are only protesting against the ruling party, so we
are trying to remind everyone of the larger goal we are fighting for.

The Catholic Church is a much bigger enemy, as they are not only running the
country, they are funding fascist organizations, so we are directing propaganda
towards that side as well.

What would you say is your biggest victory as an organization?

We were invited to some platforms to talk about gentrification and urbanization
as a result of our struggle against the increase in real estate speculation and
the gentrification process.

We were also the first to propose and move the confederation in our city and now
we are twelve groups working together, fighting on various fronts and in mutual

In recent years, as a result of Federation propaganda, many people have started
to join our group. This also opened up new groups that led to the opening of two
fronts in our city after a long time without one and to a progressive development
of our movement in the city.

How has the fight against the local government and the national state been?

We have a campaign to make public transport free, as there are many cities in
Poland where it is free, and here the fare is just going up more and more. This
is an interesting long-term front. Authorities recently responded to a letter we

We've also been having turbulent times with our mayor-youtuber, after he sent a
group of thugs to evict one of our[squat]spaces.

How important is the safety culture to you and how do you help to foster it?

It's essential for us, as you can understand, especially on account of the fascists.

If you had any advice to give to someone who wanted to create an organization
like yours, what would it be?

Just get started, it's the most important thing. If you have people or groups
around you ask for help to advertise and so on... But getting started is the most
important thing.

Also, don't concentrate your advertising in one place. The internet is a very
interesting place to spread advertising, but street advertising is much more
important. Educate yourself because ideas are essential to a movement.

Take risks as unexpected situations occur in our society, and we have to be more
or less prepared to maintain our advantage in this fight against the system.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

Yes, if anyone or any group wants to contact us, please feel free to do so. We
will be more than happy to speak with you. We really think we have a lack of
outside contact and there is a need to bring in some debates that we may not be
having right now but could be important in the future.

And finally, we would like to thank a lot for the interview and everyone who made
the other groups what they are, as they are very interesting. We also appreciate
the work you do here.


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