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dinsdag 14 september 2021

#WORLD #WORLDWIDE #SPAIN #CATALUNIA #EMBAT: : We break the ice with the heat of the fight (ca, de, it, fr, pt)[machine translation] ...

 (en) Catalunia, Embat: We break the ice with the heat of the fight (ca, de, it, fr, pt)[machine translation]

Four years have passed since 2017 and the current political climate is completely
different. The Government of the Generalitat is based on an agreement with the
State to guarantee governance in Spain and Catalonia in exchange for a dialogue
table that has never been finalized. ---- The real-politik of ERC and JxC, or
rather, the lack of commitment to the result of the 1-O contrasts with the
popular aspirations, which recall that there are 52% of Catalan voters who have
supported the pro-independence parties in the last election. That is, that there
is justification for lifting the suspension of the proclamation of independence
on October 27, but that it is not carried out due to the pact between ERC and the
PSOE of Pedro Sánchez.

We understand that what is behind these delays is nothing but fear. The leading
cadres of independence are afraid of state repression, which we have already seen
manifested in many ways (judicial, police, institutional or, if necessary,
military). We fully understand that the state will not allow a separation for the
good and that any attempt will make us pay dearly. That is why they want to
"expand the base" of independence, trying to drag the Commons. Però a l'inrevés,
hem vist com els Comuns/Podemos o el PSC aposten per un pacte d'unitat nacional
espanyola totalment impermeable als cants de sirena dels republicans catalans.

On the other hand, self-determination and sovereignty are being taken to a
strictly formal and institutional ground from a political point of view. Four
years later the popular aspirations for sovereignty (food, energy, politics...)
and to decide everything have been cornered by the juggling of institutional
politics. An institutional policy (the one exercised by the Generalitat and the
Parliament) that does not mark substantial differences with those of the State or
the EU as far as the empowerment of the public services, the improvement of the
living conditions of the people, the extension of social and labor rights, etc.

We, from the libertarian perspective that moves us, understand that the only way
to broaden the base is through conflict .

I'll see a state Spanish corrupt, authoritarian and essentially unfair in 2017
caused many people on the left to support Catalan self-determination.

The path of conflict involves moving forward. And everything must be organized to
prepare for this conflict. On the other hand, we see that the Government of the
Generalitat has not taken any steps in this direction. On the contrary, it is
presented as a particular accusation against thousands of pro-independence
activists in various criminal proceedings. Make no mistake, it is these delays
that have frozen the process.

All this happens with a fascism in the offensive, who is no longer ashamed to
show himself as he is. This situation has a positive side: the cards are on the
table. In addition, the various far-right actions of the last year have raised
the indignation of part of the population, which has also been polarized. It is
not enough, fascism is not defeated at the polls but on the street. What is more
important is to discover the hidden power of specific fascists in state
institutions such as the judiciary, the police force or the army, a power that is
protected by high-ranking PSOE officials. In essence, this situation highlights
the construction of Spain under the regime of 1978 under the guidelines of the
Franco regime.

That said, we are at the beginning of the 2021-2022 political course. The crisis
of COVID-19 has further precarious the working conditions of the population and
the increase in the supply of light or the lack of certain resources and supplies
hint at an autumn of social crisis. The central government is preparing austerity
measures and the Generalitat has no intention of contradicting this line. And the
entire housing movement, and the vulnerable population, fears the tsunami of
evictions delayed by the pandemic predicted for that time. That is, while the
national question remains frozen, the social question returns to a very important

Despite political or economic issues, we already have the climate crisis. This
same summer we have witnessed the planetary disaster that human action is causing
due to the consum

A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E
By, For, and About Anarchists
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(en) Catalunia, Embat: A compass for the revolution (ca, de, it, fr, pt)[machine translation]

After the 15M of 2011 numerous examples of libertarian practices driven by social

movements flourished. We found them almost everywhere and analyzed them as a
victory for libertarian ideas, but without anarchism becoming a relevant
political actor. There was a lack of a political organization that collected
these practices and provided them with content and, above all, strategic
objectives. ---- The activists who made these reflections came from various
projects of organizations, some from the 90s, others from the 2000s. No
initiative was able to last more than two or three years. Unlike other countries,
in Catalonia anarchism never built political organizations, preferring
ideologically diverse groups (diverse in the libertarian field) or
anarcho-syndicalism (whose organizations sometimes acted more as political
organizations than as unions).

In April 2013, all these debates, which we shared with other colleagues from
other territories in Spain, began the Embat Process, a commitment to build a
libertarian organization focused on the Catalan reality, that is, to a
territorial framework with particularities different from the rest of the state.

The Embat Process was developed over a couple of years by holding various
meetings and talks throughout the territory, to establish organic guidelines and
a "protoprogram". At the time, we were nothing more than a network of militants
present in social movements and unions. We are of the opinion that the actual
program will have to make the popular movement as a whole, but that did not imply
that we could not have one as well. We needed an action document to follow a path
designed by ourselves.

 From concretizing these areas we decided that we were already a group mature
enough to become an organization. That is when Embat, Libertarian Organization of
Catalonia, was born. We created territorial nuclei and we had a community front
with various areas (neighborhood, education, municipalization of water and
housing). We had planned to create the labor and student fronts, but
circumstances never allowed it.

In parallel, a link was forged with the international network of
anarcho-communism and specificism (anarkismo.net) and with the Rojava revolution.
We also had a relationship with Apoyo Mutuo, which was promoted by colleagues who
had come out of the same process of debate that led to our Embat.

The particularities of Catalan political life led, as is well known, to the
independence process. We supported this massive movement due to obvious causes
for us: the hypothetical Catalan independence meant the decomposition of Spain
(this reactionary monarchy and this postfretching corrupt regime that we suffer)
and the opening of a new political scene that was worth the sorry to open. The
referendum opened the door to a constituent process with which one could try to
build popular power.

But when the waters returned to calm, around 2018, we focused on practical work,
such as the Public Education Debates or the Housing Congress. And in a more
pragmatic line, to take to the streets, the Taula Llibertària de Catalunya.

As self-criticism, which we can do to improve and keep other organizations in
mind, we can see how from building an organization with secretaries, nuclei and
fronts we gradually fell back into a collective operation where the face-to-face
assembly was predominant . This did not play in favor of growth outside the AMB
or the inclusion of people with family responsibilities. In addition, this
operation could call into question prior consensus depending on the composition
of the assembly, which may have burned more than one partner that we hope to meet
again someday.

The 2015 protoprogram was outdated by the profound changes suffered by our
society in this luster. Therefore, we initiated an update of the pending debates
by evaluating the fields of action of an organization of revolutionary intention
like ours. This is how this Political Line that we have developed in the last two
years arises.

Embat has not gone anywhere, he is still present in the popular field and we
intend to deepen the expansion of social and organized anarchism among the
Catalan popular classes. We have the function of favoring the construction of a
broad and ambitious popular movement. We have the mission to take advantage of
any loophole or weakness in the system. We have the opportunity to build a life
that is worth living. And of course, we will need more hands and complicity.

To move forward decisively in the sea of doubts of the 21st century, it is
necessary to have a map and a compass ready

For a strong, rebellious, cheerful and combative people!

For a Popular Power present everywhere!

For a libertarian communism to live up to the circumstances!

Embat, September 2021

A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E
By, For, and About Anarchists
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