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Wij willen activisten met verschillende opinies die vechten tegen onrecht in de wereld financieel steunen. Hiervoor hebben wij ook uw steun nodig! Doneer vrijblijvend 1 euro, 2 euro of een ander bedrag naar keuze. Deze activisten hebben de steun hard nodig om hun activiteiten te blijven uitoefenen.

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Queremos apoyar económicamente a activistas con opiniones diferentes que luchan contra la injusticia en el mundo. ¡También necesitamos su apoyo para esto! No dude en donar 1 euro, 2 euros u otra cantidad de su elección. Los activistas realmente necesitan el apoyo para continuar con sus actividades.

Queremos apoiar financeiramente ativistas com diferentes opiniões que lutam contra as injustiças no mundo. Também precisamos do seu apoio para isso! Fique à vontade para doar 1 euro, 2 euros ou outra quantia à sua escolha. Os ativistas realmente precisam de apoio para continuar suas atividades.


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vrijdag 1 oktober 2021

#WORLD #WORLDWIDE #CZECH #ANARCHISM #News #Journal #Update - (en) Czech, #AFED: "#Expedition for life" in #Prague - Invitation to (not only) #Prague events connected with the expedition of #Zapatistas to Zapatistas.[machine translation]

The Mayan rebels, known as the Zapatistas, have arrived on European soil - as

part of their worldwide "Expedition for Life," a key event in decolonization.
Exactly 500 years after the "conquest" of Mexico by Hernán Cortés, they arrived
with a crackling clear message: "You have not conquered us. We are still
resisting and rebelling. "- In their case, in the form of a unique political
project of autonomy, which they have been cultivating on the border with
Guatemala in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas since 1994. But Zapatistas and
Zapatistas and from below and from left to "seek what makes us equal" in a time
of unprecedented climate crisis. Preguntando caminamos, we walk with questions,
they say for a long time. At the end of September, a couple of them will put them
down for the first time and answer them in the Czech Republic as well. We hereby
invite all to the three public events that will take place from 27 to 29.

Monday, September 27
Lessons From the Revolution

Chiapas and Rojava - two revolutions we read so much about. And now we will have
them at one table during a discussion evening, which is focused on sharing the
experiences of two probably the most fundamental social struggles of our
generation. What can we learn from people who move dreams closer to reality? What
contradictions do they face? How can we learn from the history, philosophy and
practice of people living far away from us to change ourselves and the society
around us? And how can internationalism contribute to building a revolutionary

In one panel, we welcome a compass from Chiapas in southern Mexico and a hevala
from Kurdistan. Another dimension to the discussion will be added by two
internationalists with experience with EZLN and Kurdish YPJs.

Beginning at 6 p.m.
Prostor39, Rehorova 33/39, Praha-?i?kov

Tuesday, September 28
 From a Zapatista perspective: a debate

How is the Zapatista project doing? What challenges and threats do they face? How
to understand decolonization? How to get out of climate hardship together and not
slip into new forms of colonialism? What does it mean today to be in solidarity
on the two-way Czech-Chiapas axis? These are just some of the questions we will
discuss with the Zapatistas in the debate, which aims to capture the Zapatist
view of the problems and challenges of current events.

Beginning at 6 p.m. (Cumbia Cooperativa will play after the debate from 10 pm.)
Underdogs' (Eternia), Nádra?ní 3, Prague-Smíchov

Wednesday, September 29
Feminist stop in Prague

Women's emancipation has been an important topic since the beginning of their
functioning of Zapatista autonomy in Chiapas. The organizers would like to use
this meeting to exchange experiences from activist practice. They want to convey
inspiration to the Zapatista movement, but also to give space to local
collectives and individuals to present their activities. They call for a joint
debate on how to deal with the problems arising from the patriarchal organization
of society in capitalism within society or the movement itself. If you want to
get involved, prepare a short introduction of your team / group / initiative or
yourself. Translation will be provided. Everyone, regardless of gender, is welcome.

Beginning at 5 p.m.
Studio ALTA, Sokolovská 24/136, 186 00 Prague

We also quickly invite you to the following important event:

Friday, September 24
Meeting at the Mexican Embassy: Stop attacks on Zapatista communities!

Zapatista indigenous communities in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas face
escalating violence by government-backed paramilitary groups. The day of
international solidarity with the Zapatista communities was therefore declared on
Friday, September 24. People will protest in front of Mexican embassies in
Berlin, London, Madrid and Prague.

Beginning at 3 p.m.
Embassy of the United Mexican States, V Jirchárích 151, Prague-New Town

Zapatistas will also visit Bratislava, where the following public events will
take place in connection with this:

Saturday, September 25
Lunch with Zapatistas in Cyklokuchyna

Lunch together followed by discussion. The meeting is intended primarily for
students and representatives of activist initiatives, but others are also
welcome. Food and translation from Spanish will be provided.

Beginning at 2 p.m.
In the premises of Cyklokuchyne, Pri Starom moste / Petr?alská strana, Bratislava

Sunday, September 26
Lunch & Discussion with Zapatistas

(Not only) artists and people from the cultural environment are invited to this
discussion, but its topics will mainly concern artistic practice and its social
overlaps. As capacity is limited, it is necessary to report to
marekstuller.sk[a]gmail.com as soon as possible

Beginning at 1 p.m.
Studios Mladá Vajnorská 17 / A, Bratislava

Sunday, September 26
Public discussion with Zapatistas

The event will include a film screening and charity refreshments. The program
will be followed by a music production. Admission is voluntary. The capacity of
the event is limited to 50 fully vaccinated persons.

Beginning at 6 p.m.
Club FUGA, Námestie SNP 24, Bratislava

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