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zaterdag 9 oktober 2021

#WORLD #WORLDWIDE #GREECE #ANARCHISM #News #Journal #Update - (en) #Greece, libertarian salonica: #Antifascist rally in #Stavroupoli . 2/10 [machine translation]

 On the morning of Tuesday 28/9 and Wednesday 29/9, members of student

associations were attacked by fascists who had been fortified at the EPAL
Stavroupolis. A few days earlier, students had distributed texts on the Minimum
Admission Base, calling on students to take part in a joint fight against the
Kerameos anti-education law, which further widens class barriers in education.
Then fascists who left the EPAL Stavroupolis attacked the students. It was to
this fascist attack that the students came to respond. Under the back of the
police, under the responsibility of teachers, principals and school guards, the
fascist students joined the local fascists and far-right hooligans, who entered
the school unmolested and, heavily equipped, attacked the students. In fact, a
schoolgirl was also beaten,

In public discourse, government officials reproduce the theory of the two
extremes, through which fascism is effectively washed away in the context of
historical revisionism that seeks to methodically and adventurously impose the
neoliberal capitalist camp, the regime media as students, while far-right
supporters and members of New Democracy support fascist attacks on social media.

On the afternoon of Wednesday 29/9, a very massive and dynamic anti-fascist
demonstration (4,000 people) took place in Stavroupoli with the participation of
student associations, neighborhood assemblies, anarchist and communist
organizations. The demonstration united the anti-fascist movement and was the
starting point for its reorganization and massification. The continuation of the
anti-fascist struggle in terms of mass, social, but also militant is an urgent
need. Through the squatting in Stavroupolis and Evosmos, the fascists are trying
to build strongholds, to go out on the sidewalk, to spread their racist poison in
the neighborhoods and the youth, to thicken their lines with new members. The
fascist attacks were supported by the extreme right and neo-Nazi groups.

Anyone who simply sees a conflict between extremists is a direct accomplice to
the fall of fascism. In the face of the attempted recovery of the neo-Nazi
parastatal formations, there can be no one who is ignorant and uninvolved. Amid
the escalation of the economic crisis and the political destabilization, the
fascist reserves are disorienting the social base from the daily struggles of the
class struggle. It is a reservoir, harmless to capitalism, of social relaxation
with cannibalistic characteristics, which can not affect the power and interests
of the capitalists, because it is a need and creation of the bosses, and
therefore supported and strengthened by the institutional mechanisms of the
bourgeoisie. . So, before it can develop, we have to crush the snake of fascism,

One year after the condemnation of Golden Dawn by the civil justice, those who
hoped that the state and the bourgeois institutions would confront fascism have
been completely refuted. And how could it be otherwise, after all, since fascism
as the offspring of the capitalist system contributes the most to its survival,
always coming into conflict with our class claims. Because fascism has always
been and is the useful reserve of capital, which, when required by the rescue
needs of the capitalist system, withdraws from its anticipation and parastatal
action, to take on the role of central regulator of political life, to impose the
militarization of labor. , racist social divisions, the subordination of social
life to militarism, always to serve the interests of the capitalists. The Golden
Dawn court conviction was an intra-bourgeois conspiracy between financially
fraternal sections of capital, merely competing for the political representation
of capitalist interests in the bourgeois parliament. We know, however, that the
class condemnation of fascism can only be realized with the final domination of
the world social revolution and the overthrow of the capitalist system.

The anti-fascist struggle is a struggle against the state and capital, it is a
collective affair and a duty of the working class. It is a struggle that requires
organization, class solidarity, social massification and active participation,
militant leveling of the fascists.

On the afternoon of Saturday 2/10, the fascist movement will try to gather after
a call from the fascist organization "Holy Corps", which after the hardships
suffered by the anti-fascist movement hopes to come out of its hole again. The
anti-fascist movement must stand on the embankment in massive and militant terms
and prevent any attempted mobilization of the fascists on the street.


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