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zaterdag 31 januari 2015

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #246 - Far right: The brown-green dangerous liaisons by Jacques Dubart (fr, it, pt)

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #246 - Far right: The
brown-green dangerous liaisons by Jacques Dubart (fr, it, pt)[machine

If the far right is systematically consumerist and partisan of growth, it can be dyed his 
speech with a facade of environmentalism, where nature is seen as an element of national 
identity. Malthusian and anti-humanist, these designs may attract some lost 
environmentalists, vigilance is called for. ---- The positions of the extreme right on the 
ecology vary. There are differences between the currents. Abrupt about-faces in the 
speech, eg FN, are the manifestation of opportunism that adapts the speech which seems the 
most promising. Despite these variations, there is a constant: ever productivist logic is 
questioned. The far right continues to be a vision of a natural order and by extension of 
a natural social order. Greece and the New Right (groups of intellectuals who contributed 
to the spread of far-right ideas) have expressed the desire to promote an extreme 
environmentalism right constructed from a hierarchical and unequal social order presented 
as natural . Theories on earth, biology, issues of Darwinism and Malthusianism are called 
upon to help achieve a biologisation political and social, to eugenics, the defense of 
race and / or European culture . The nation is described as a community of blood linked to 
a territory and a natural heritage. His defense also involves the defense of landscapes, 
flora and fauna, etc.

Ecology called to the rescue by the reaction!

In 2012, the Navy program Le Pen said: "Respect for the laws of nature and control of 
economic development, agriculture and industry of France also participate in the defense 
of national identity. " An editorial in the extreme right Thinking and acting is more 
accurate: "With the defense of European cultures and ethnicities, ecology must be at the 
heart of our main concerns. Indeed, protecting the fragile blood of our old races in 
Europe, our traditions, our websites, our forests, flora, wildlife, is it not defend what 
we are as a people rooted in a territory?" The defense of biodiversity is also implemented 
in the cultures and ethnic groups, transforming almost in different species human groups.

Regardless also the many contradictions of the extreme right speech and pretend to 
preserve healthy soil does not lead to the questioning of intensive agriculture; the 
protection of animals is not related to a fight against intensive farming ... From this 
point of view, the evolution of the National Front of the program is quite interesting, 
from 2002 to 2012. Thus the question of agriculture, FN passes a certain promotion of 
organic agriculture, defense of sustainable agriculture[1] in the Marine Le Pen program. 
Also in 2002, the FN took up almost verbatim the animal protection associations speech. 
But in 2012 the program is limited to demand the development of the conditions of factory 
farming: "The legislation on battery farming will be reviewed to provide a decent living 
space for animals.?

Basically, the FN defends agriculture, seen as a traditional order in which the 
relationship between humans and animals is central. So the will catch all the FN occurs 
when the defense landscapes is combined with highways and automobiles. The resumption of 
the theme of the relocation of production by Marine Le Pen is of the same ilk: "The 
question of ecology first arises in terms of trade. The question is to know: are we still 
going to produce 10 000 km in China or are we trying to produce as close to the places of 
consumption in our country, which will do less transport, less pollution and more 
environmental standards. That is the real ecology. That's why you have reason to talk 
about ecological patriotism "[2]. It is only the resumption of "produce French, French 
buy" without questioning the relationship between North and South, and without addressing 
the globalization of production. The design of the ecology FN summarizes its nationalist 
and xenophobic design: "The environmental issue is closely related[...] to the 
international management of migration.?

These environmentalists tempted by fascism

At the margin, it is possible to meet with environmentalists who adhere to the design of 
the ecology of the extreme right, for example in the animal protection movement, where one 
party to a radical anti-humanist drift. But other abuses are possible.

Although the National Front is in favor of growth, links attempts between extreme right 
and decreasing exist. This is the book Tomorrow, the decay of Alain de Benoist, a 
prominent representative of the New Right. The logic is to say, "You can say you left, I 
do not care, but the criticism that you do, it's the same as ours, it is the critique of 
the Enlightenment, of progress. So we agree. We need to come together. "If in the majority 
of diminishing, the radical critique of capitalist growth, its social environmental damage 
and immunizes against these abuses, it is not a general case among environmentalists, for 
example when Antoine Waechter, former Green candidate presidential flirts with Alain de 
Benoist and New Right[3] and gives an interview to Minute.

More dangerous are the possible deviations from deep ecology. It affirms the intrinsic 
value of nature, the latter is not measured its usefulness in the service of humanity, but 
for herself. The question of whether each species, animal or plant, has the same rights 
that humanity is a very honorable debate. But there is a political shift when some defend 
the idea that the main problem is humanity that threatens other species. And so it would 
reduce the population. Racist slides can then quickly follow, because the issue of 
population is one of the entry points to a reactionary discourse develops example in the 
United States today: "It's too on the planet. We must defend nature. They arrive, oops, 
stop them!?

Build the necessary appliances against

To keep drifts facilitating walking in the power of the extreme right, to deal with those 
brown-green connections attempts, it is urgent to establish sanitary cordons preventing 
the infiltration of the extreme right, and the reaction their objective allies in 
ecological struggles.

1) Mankind has emerged in nature, but today all ecosystems in varying degrees shaped by 
man. It may be back to a virgin, but finding a dynamic balance allowing the preservation 
of biodiversity. We must combat all ideologies which postulate the existence of a natural 
order and sliding a natural social order.

2) Speaking of ecological crisis is tackling global problems. Any nationalist logic is 
incapable of providing any solution whatsoever. To solve environmental problems, only 
anti-globalization logic makes sense.

3) Wanting to defend nature with measures that do not take into account the needs of the 
population, by charging the oppressed peoples and the cost of the ecological crisis is a 
total illusion, or worse, an open door to fascism .

4) And so for us, linking ecological and social demands in the same speech that shows that 
we mean solving problems by addressing the two ends of the crisis, the social angle and 
the angle environmentalist, and s' Based on an internationalist orientation.

This means facing an offshoring project, the issue can not be limited to a protectionist 
logic ( "produce French" ) or whiling away the plants to developing countries where 
environmental constraints are less strong. By linking one side unconditional defense of 
jobs at home and abroad and other environmental needs, we may be required to defend or 
industrial conversion projects or relocations of production. Letting go on one of the four 
points mentioned above, it is opening the door to perversion ecological struggles

Jacques Dubart (AL Agen)

[1] This is when the FNSEA says: we will put a little less pesticides.

[2] Wednesday, June 18, 2014 - Info Questions about France Info

[3] In 1997, he told the Badische Zeitung that the number of immigrants in France had to 
be controlled for ecological reasons.


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