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maandag 27 september 2021

#WORLD #WORLDWIDE #FRANCE #ANARCHISM #News #Journal #Update - (en) #France, #UCL - #International, The Union Communiste Libertaire reaffirms its support for the #EZLN and its journey through life around the world (ca, de, it, fr, pt)[machine translation]

 In the midst of the global social crisis exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic,

which in many countries led to the demobilization of social movements, political
organizations and collectives, Zapatismo launched a new invitation to the
struggles "from below and to the left." ---- "Compas Anarquistas: we Zapatistas,
we Zapatistas, are not going to blame our deficiencies (including lack of
imagination), nor are we going to hold them responsible for our mistakes, much
less persecute them for who they are." [1] ---- SupMarcos, 2013 ---- "If you are
going to criticize something, do your research first. Well-written ignorance is
like well-pronounced idiocy: just as useless. " [2]

Miquel Amorós, paraphrased by SupMarcos, 2013

"Who we met or wanted to lead us or wanted us to lead. There were those who
approached and did so with the desire to use us, or to look back, either with
anthropological nostalgia or militant nostalgia. So for some of us we were
communists. , for other Trotskyists, for other anarchists, for other Maoists, for
other millennialists, and there I leave several "ists" for you to put whatever
you know about[...]With the Sixth we finally find you. Finally, someone who
understood that we were not looking for shepherds to guide us, or herds to lead
to the promised land. Neither masters nor slaves. Neither leaders nor headless
masses. " [3]

SupMarcos, 2014

"Provoking thought, discussion, debate is something that we, we Zapatistas value
a lot. That is why our admiration for anarchist thought. It is clear that we are
not anarchists, but their approaches are those that provoke and encourage, those
that They make you think. And believe me that orthodox critical thinking, to call
it somehow, has a lot to learn in this regard, but not only in that, from
anarchist thought. To give you an example, criticism of the state as such is
something that in anarchist thought he has already walked a long way. " [4]

SupGaleano, 2015

In the midst of the global social crisis exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic,
which in many countries led to the demobilization of social movements, political
organizations and collectives, Zapatismo launched a new invitation to the
struggles "from below and to the left."

Despite the recrudescence of paramilitarism in the regions where the Zapatista
movement (broadly, including the CNI-CIG and many other related struggles)
disputes the territory with the State and transnationals ; despite a pandemic
that affects the most impoverished (the majority of indigenous people in Mexico
are in poverty or even extreme poverty) ; despite a government media campaign
that points out, like certain French anarchists, that Zapatismo has been dead for
years and that said movement has to realize it in order to stop bothering ;
Despite the global climate catastrophe, the EZLN made it possible to glimpse the
realization of the dream of recent years: the convergence of struggles.

Unlike dogmatic groups from various left-wing currents, Zapatismo shows its
respect for those who share the same enemies. Since its uprising in 1994, the
EZLN has been the target of attacks from all fronts, based on racism and envy. In
2014, the Zapatista peoples withdrew the insurgent subcomandante Marcos from the
EZLN leadership, in addition to renaming him Galeano (in honor of a Zapatista
militant assassinated by paramilitaries) to give the death so desired by many to
the mestizo.; The insurgent subcommander Moisés, one hundred percent indigenous,
was then in command. The attacks directed at the person of Marcos / Galeano,
despite the known change in leadership of the Zapatista army, seek to deny the
capacity for action of the indigenous Zapatista peoples by pointing to the former
leader as the mastermind behind the successes and failures of the movement. ;
they are therefore racist attacks.

The Zapatistas have fulfilled, within the possibilities of state racism and
despite the limits of the left intelligentsia (European and Latin American),
forging links with thousands of struggles throughout the entire European
territory, now renamed Slumil K. 'axjemk'op. Still the delegation of almost 200
indigenous people has not touched the lands on the other side of the Atlantic and
hundreds of events have already been held, bringing together organizations,
collectives and individuals in struggles such as the right to housing, feminist,
anti-racist, anti-imperialist struggles, anti-colonial, etc.

Whoever, comfortably, from Europe, criticizes the strategies of the broad
indigenous Zapatista movement articulated around the CNI-CIG and the EZLN, should
realize that it is not necessary to be an anarchist or Marxist to cause the fall
of capitalism, that it is not necessary to follow stand together
nineteenth-century dogmas, closing themselves to any different expression
anchored in their specific reality, to create counter-powers that, attacking
capitalism in its means of production, circulation and consumption, give death
stabs to that system.

The 2018 para-electoral experience of the CNI-CIG, following the EZLN's proposal
to present a collective candidacy for the presidential elections (and in which
the Zapatista army itself did not participate), evidenced all the racism of the
State and the lie of the popular representation through elections. This strategy
has been criticized from anti-electoral positions that, with epistemological
blindness, ignore the achievements of the indigenous campaign: strengthening the
ties of very diverse struggles for the defense of the territory and the
self-determination of the indigenous communities that, until that moment, were
disarticulated. or outside the CNI and break the media siege that encloses the
territorial struggles of indigenous peoples in deserts of silence. It should be
noted that the Nahua spokeswoman, presented as a candidate by the CNI,

There are those who are not ashamed of their ignorance when they affirm that the
EZLN has integrated into institutional politics, for calling to demonstrate by
all means the support for the victims of State crimes, including participation in
a kind of recent plebiscite ; These positions omit that about 800 indigenous
communities in Chiapas held community assemblies (not votes and outside the legal
system) to support the demand for justice.; They omit that many of those
communities were not even Zapatista communities, but they preferred this exercise
(not legally binding) to that of the ballot box, which was carried out in
parallel. Where criticism sees integration into the system, reality shows the
disintegration of the Mexican state system, at the same time that the
articulation of indigenous community autonomies increases.

The trip to Europe has left the Zapatista communities in the red. The different
crowdfounding campaigns allow the European geography to prepare the visit of the
communities. The pettiness of those who affirm that the visit is carried out for
commercial purposes omits, because it does not ignore, that solidarity is a moral
duty of militants with an internationalist vision and that, although for now the
funds are raised to support the tour of life There is nothing fairer than also
promoting any initiative that allows strengthening the economy of the Zapatista
communities in the face of the attacks of the Mexican state, its paramilitaries
and the transnational corporations that aspire to the Lacandon jungle. They, from
their position, have also been in solidarity with the struggles in other
geographies. [5][6]

As Union Communiste Libertaire we salute the initiative of the Journey through
Life [7], we value the effort that hundreds of thousands of indigenous Zapatistas
make, putting their lives at risk, to come and tell us about their struggles and
listen to ours, to give us a beautiful reason to find ourselves among militants
in Europe and to encourage the creation of a global network of resistance and
rebellion that puts an end to colonialism, patriarchy, and capitalism.

Libertarian Communist Union Sep 13, 2021

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for action

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